Amazon Reviews Highlight Alternate Need for Reflective Safety Vest Claims Manufacurer

Are Your Kids Visible to Shooters Practicing out of Season?

Summer camping season is well underway and part of the camping experience has always been a good regard for safety practices as families relax and get a little closer to nature.

In a statement today, Reflective Safety Vest Manufacturer MoonRunner, emphasized the need for safety when camping by protecting and monitoring young children in the outdoor environment. They cited several recent Amazon customer reviews which highlighted a safety issue that MoonRunner had not previously considered.

Jessica Thompson, spokesperson for MoonRunner explained, “We had always considered camping and hunting as two separate activities and markets. They happen at different times of the year for the most part, for obvious reasons.  However, several families that reviewed our reflective vest said they also used the vests during the day whilst camping to provide extra visibility for their kids as there are sometimes shooters practicing prior to the start of the hunting season. These parents were naturally concerned that their children would be clearly seen by any shooter in the area. This camping/hunting crossover had not been considered by MoonRunner before and we felt the potential safety implication should be highlighted to other families as well.”

MoonRunner is the manufacturer and distributor of the Amazon 5 star-rated range of Reflective Safety Vests usually used by runners, walkers, joggers, cyclists and motorcyclists. The vest is also used by hikers and camping families as part of their safety gear. The Deluxe full-length-waist version of the reflective vest comes in two sizes and is made from high quality 3M Scotchlite with adjustable Velcro straps at the waist. An alternative style, the MoonRunner Value 2 Pack style, is perfect for family budgets and sharing with 2 vests included in each pack.  This style comes in 3 different sizes and is a shorter mid-drift length which makes it great for kids and also adults who like freedom of waist movement.

Jessica Thompson continued, “One particular customer’s comment said it all,

“Perfect! I actually ordered these to take with us camping. Even though it is not hunting season, I want to be sure we are largely identifiable if there were people out shooting for fun. I like that these are shorter in length because they fit my child as well as us adults.”

Using reflective safety vests for camping is well known but we felt this potential shooting hazard is well worth highlighting so camping families can be sure any shooter sees their kids well before it’s too late. And parents report that the kids, even teenagers, love wearing the vests! We hope everyone camping this season has a wonderful and safe experience in the great outdoors.”


MoonRunner Retail is the manufacturer and sole distributor of the MoonRunner Value 2 Pack Reflective Running Vest. The vest can be purchased on Amazon USA and for more information please go to their product page at

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