Gopher Leads Extends its Proven Lead-Generation Model to the Telecommunications Industry

Lead Referral Technology Provider will Help Service Providers Increase Revenue and Drive Up Employee Engagement

Toronto, Ontario – Gopher Leads Inc., whose technology gamifies and energizes referral marketing, has just finished its initial pilot projects and is now extending its lead-generation model to the telecommunications industry. In the month of June 2016, the company successfully helped several clients significantly grow their customer base beating the industry average rate for new business acquisition by a hundred percent.

Gopher Leads offers a unique, innovative and effective way to mobilize all employees of a company to become an extension of their sales team and contribute in generating more leads. The whole process will result in not only increased revenues, but also an increase of communication among sales and operations teams of the organization, all of them working together towards winning more business. The services offered by Gopher Leads will help the telecommunications industry tap into the most valuable source of business intelligence, their employees, to generate qualified sales lead.

“At Gopher Leads we believe that all employees, regardless of their function, should promote their company. The technicians of a telecommunications service provider benefit from the full trust of the customers they serve,” said Sahand Sojoodi, CEO and Co-founder of Gopher Leads. “They are well-positioned to promote the services of the company.”

Gopher Leads offers a fully hosted and managed solution which empowers employees to identify and capture business opportunities, or leads, and reward them with cash instantly as these sales leads turn into more revenue. Through Gopher Leads both the sales department and non-sales employees collaborate to create value.

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About Gopher Leads

Launched in 2015, Gopher Leads is a privately held company that offers an innovative SaaS solution that guarantees results for the business. This solution consists of a easy-to-use and engaging mobile application for generating sales leads and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for the management and sales teams of a company. Gopher Leads empowers all employees of a company to add value by generating sales leads from the field. Their eyes and territory knowledge turn into not only better leads but a better company with stronger communication across all lines.

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