Super Talented Songwriter And Producer, David Lester, Releases Brand New Album

July, Stockholm – Sensational Hip-hop, Rap/Soul/Reggae songwriter and producer, David Lester announces the release of his first album, Busy. The new album from the Weaver Records International produced by multiple-award winning music producer/artist, David Lester, was popularly known as DJMWB.

Following on from the success of the Self-Made single released in June, the Hip-hop/rapper is now set to launch the release of his new album releasing on July 29, 2016. The album “Busy” chronicles the challenges posed by the economy-driven society in the real world where effort, hard work, determination, and perseverance is required to survive and achieve remarkable success.

DJMWB, Executive Producer, commented, “Everyday’s mood is what influenced the album, the track titles on the album show in some way, what exactly inspired me for each song and all personal to experiences in my life.”

He says further, “I want this album to to represent the need to stay focused and survive.”

The new album is available on iTunes, Spotify, TIDAL, Rhapsody, Amazon, Google play,, and

Video Sneak Peek on YouTube and Vimeo

The upcoming album has five thrilling tracks:

1. Beauty
2. Empty Drum
3. My Lady
4. Busy
5. Excited

David Lester is a winner of the 2016 Akademia Award as best rap/soul artist for his single “Self-Made,” in Los Angeles, USA. David’s unique approach features elements of local Liberian music, as well as influences from other genres such hip-hop, R&B, Dance, and Reggae. A blend of sound that could be defined as “Rap/Soul”, tying all of the genres above with a keen eye on his Liberian cultural roots and folk music. His style is best described as an indigenous Liberian voice, which fuses with four styles while preserving the original spirit of his cultural heritage and background. He describes music as his thoughts, his vision, and his real experience. Inspired and influenced by the likes of Bob Marley, Alpha Blondy, Michael Jackson, Wyclef Jean and Tupac Shakur, David is aiming to be considered as one of the greats of his time.

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