Serious Distribution Announces The Release Of Cat Daddy\’s Hot New Single \”Ric Flair\” Featuring IHeart Memphis

“Cat Daddy’s goal as a rapper and musician is simple. “To have the career and not just the fame”. Writing music, entertaining, and performing is what she was born to do, and luckily enough she was gifted with words. With the combination of her ambition, so”
South Carolina Based Entertainment Company Serious Distribution Announce The Release Of Cat Daddy’s Remix of Her Hot New Single “Ric Flair” featuring IHeart Memphis June 8th 2016 On All Major Digital Outlets.

“With A Company Like Serious Distribution Behind My Brand I Am Ready To Elevate And Take My Career To The Next Level,” said Cat Daddy.

“Cat Daddy is the Future And Together With Serious Distribution Major Moves Are On The Way,” said Robin Carter of Carter Management.

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About Cat Daddy

Cathy Morton, also known as, Rapper Cat Daddy has a rare sound, edgy lyrics, and not to mention a unique look to go along with it. With ties to the streets, LGBT community, sickle cell anemia (she was born with SCA), she by far is not just your ordinary rapper. She has fans young and old from all walks of life that truly and genuinely support her. Whether it may be tuning in to her Live Facebook streams (that warrant hundreds of viewers at once), going to her shows, or just pushing like on her statuses, they are loyal and have continued to support Cat Daddy in the long run.

Throughout the years, Cat Daddy has completed several projects (mixtapes, movements, and campaigns). Many of her most recent works (Successful Loser, Street Snacks, and Smart Dumb Genius) are still being requested by fans who have yet to get their hands on the music. She has also had success getting multiple DJ’s to play songs of hers (Freak Tales, Instagram, and Ric Flair to name a few) in nightclubs, yielding an immensely positive response. These positive responses came from several different markets; the west coast, gulf coast, and southeast.

More recently, Cat has also been personally advising a Platinum recording artist, and collaborating on joint projects. This has also put her front and center to attend prestigious events such as The BET Hip Hop Awards (being asked to participate in this year’s Cypher), The Ellen Show, The Real, and perform at shows with thousands of people in attendance. She has also opened for National recording artists, such as Future, Young Thug, Lil Boosie, Black Youngsta, iLoveMemphis, and Don Omar. Performing is her love, and it’s what she does best. Whether it be going onstage, in the booth, or for an interview on the news (which she has done twice in her hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas) she is always ready and prepared.

In today’s market, Cat realized that social media is key. She then got to work gaining more followers, and building relationships with fans that were not able to enjoy the ‘Cat Daddy Experience’ in person or first hand. She has a very strong presence on Facebook with two pages filled to capacity (5000 users), and even more followers. Instagram has also been a great tool she’s used to market herself, and her movement, RNOC. She posts photos and videos daily, and has a legitimate following on many of the major social networking sites.

Cat Daddy is not only a rapper, but a philanthropist as well. She has been involved in movements promoting Stop the violence, Sickle Cell Awareness, Suicide prevention, and Homeless awareness to highlight a few. Giving back to the community is something that she is passionate about, and hopes that her music can give her a platform to make greater strides and achievements in these areas. 

About Carter Management

Carter Management, LLC is nested in “The Biggest Little City In The World, Reno Nevada.” Founded in 1997 by Robin Carter in order to promote the musical talent of artist. We developed marketing and public relations strategies for the music  industry, aside from discovering great musical  talent, we created press packages, coordiante choreograpy, management stage set-up, and performer’s dance routines. Ensure all data such as insurance, safety documentation and licenses were sign. Act as liaison between Business Units and Technical Team in all arena areas. Design documents; develop projects plans, and all case documents for production of a concert. 

Our Motto:

Promoting a world of Musical Talent

Our Vision:

Carter Management  is committed to delivering informed Artist, media-savvy public relations services based on a superior industry knowledge, a real understanding of the music industry that affect both our artist and clients, and a genuine enthusiasm for the services we provide.   Our goal is to act as a trusted extension of our artist, marketing departments, producing results that directly and positively impact on our client’s business objectives. Carter Management provides a professional work environment that encourages and rewards creativity, insight, teamwork and enthusiasm.

Our Mission:

Provide our Artist with the highest caliber and quality music services that the music industry has to offer.

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