Unlimited Game Options: New Sophisticated 3D Cubes Echoing the Rubik’s Cube Launches on Kickstarter

Forty years after the Rubik‘s Cube was invented, a new cube game has been created. Fritz Gruber, the Munich author and inventor, has reinvented the popular game.

The Fritzo Games made their first appearance at the Crowdfunding Platform in the USA, where people can also support the project (here).

Not another rotary cube, the new game has a variety of different individual cubes to form a complete game. What makes the game even better is that each cube is unique. Due to the variability of the construction of a complete cube, the Fritzo Game creates a balancing act between traditional puzzle brain games and parlor games involving several people.

Fritz Gruber explains the rules as follows: Although the game appears complicated when first looking at it, the main function is quite simple. With every move with the cubes, the matching color symbols have to touch in all directions.

Not only do Fritzo Games challenge school-aged math fans, but Fritz Gruber also wants to offer to all ages an interactive, stimulating game that harnesses creativity and general learning abilities, and above all, provides a lot of fun. The philosophy behind the idea of the game is the unlimited development of the natural drive to play. It is not required to find “the” one correct solution, but to use the inexhaustible abundance of possible cube combinations. Each cube design is a correct answer.

Torture, feelings of helplessness, desperation and anger do not even arise during the game. Instead, it boosts your self-confidence and encourages interaction. The player can gradually approach larger challenges or involve friends and family actively in the game.

Further, all materials used for the Games are eco-friendly, i.e. the Fritzo Cubes are made of wood and can optionally be supplied in packaging of wood or cardboard.

Games and rules, as well as further information and design products of the Fritzo Games can be found on www.fritzo.com.

The manufacturer of the Fritzo Games is Cvasso GmbH, founded in 2010 in Munich. The core of the business model is the development, production and distribution of design products.

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