is now protecting people\’s photos from illegal sharing and upload

12 July, 2016 – Because there has been a lot of internet fraud, ranging from illegal file downloads, illegal upload of target people or teenagers private pictures on social media sites and theft of copyrighted files. A lot of people especially female teenagers who have their intimate pictures or videos shared online, like revenge porn has been affected psychologically., a trusted, competent, experienced, and reliable company based in Denmark, has launched a system whereby the privacy of anyone especially female teenagers, victims of Revenge porn, high profile individuals, and politicians could be protected from those stealing their online pictures and then using it for their hidden agendas. They use a system that provides more like a Security for people who are a victim because they shared their photos online or on the phone.

According to the CEO, Tim Christensen, “We offer services to private people from illegal sharing of their photos that may be uploaded by mistake. Our security Team removes such illegal photos from search engines like Google, Bing, and even social media sites, revenge porn sites, etc.”

“Many websites are also monitored so as to keep protecting those victimized through this illegal act.”

Though the law enforcement agencies are there to provide this services, they act slower than expected. The photo uploaded or shared online or through phone would have gone viral before they act and when they eventually respond, there is a chance that the evil done by the perpetrators may not be totally erased.

The service cost ranges between $200 and $500, and it promises to offer the best and give rest of mind to any victim or public figure.

Media Contact
Company Name: Filesharehunter
Contact Person: Tim Christensen
Phone: +45 53316271
Country: United States