Crocus World Announces Exciting Launch of “All Things Travel” Blog Taking a Honest and Fun Look at the Latest Travel Gear and Accessories

It’s broadly agreed that traveling can be one of life’s great experiences and adventures. But can somethings make traveling even more awesome? The website Crocus World certainly thinks they can, recently launching their new blog to share their travel product, gear and accessory finds with fellow travel enthusiasts.

July 12, 2016 – When a person has a passion for travel, it’s often something that’s never far from mind. This is the spirit that inspired the launch of the new blog from Crocus World, focusing on “all things travel” in a way that can’t help but excite – by providing a deep look and honest reviews of the latest products aimed at making traveling easier, more fun and exciting. Early readers couldn’t be happier with the launch.

“Off we go! is our motto when it comes to having the chance to travel,” commented a spokesperson from the blog. “And when we hear of a new travel gadget or accessory our curiosity forces us to check it out. Expect Crocus World to be packed with reviews of our honest experiences, adventures and misadventures with travel products delivered in a way where, hopefully, our readers can take some value out of our explorations.

Explore. Dream. Discover!”

According to Crocus World, they are hoping to cover as many diverse products as possible from all areas of the travel-focused world. If a product offers something cool, clever, helps to reduce stress or solves a travel problem Crocus World is interested in and it will likely make it to the reviews. Reader feedback is always encouraged and welcome.

The first product chosen is a Deluxe World Scratch Map with geographical details and infographics which is considered to be an ideal gift for all Travel Lovers.

It can be purchased on Amazon here at the reduced price of $24.99

Early feedback for the site has been extremely positive.

Jill T., from Maine, recently said, “My boyfriend and I are traveling in Asia soon and we’ve been exploring Crocus World for ideas about what could make our travels even easier and more exciting. Five stars and fully recommended all the way. The writing style makes the blog super addictive.”

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