MOVE OVER Michael KORS! Here comes Iceland´s answer to handbags, watches and perfumes!

YES! Iceland strikes again!

After the remarkable success enjoyed by the smallest nation ever to participate in the Euro tournament, now we are also seeing the country take the fashion world by storm.

Meet Lilja, a true girl’s girl from Iceland, who is now preparing the launch of her exotic line of handbags, watches and perfumes in the UK. She is known for being the woman behind one of Iceland´s hottest fashion labels, the Gydja Collection, and for empowering women wherever she goes.

“I founded Gydja when I was 24 armed with only 1000 pounds and a vision to build it up,” said the rising Icelandic design star and fashion entrepreneur Lilja as she talks about how she started her brand, the Gydja Collection. She runs a lifestyle label that offers eco-friendly handbags and watches from Icelandic eco-friendly fish leather and the first ever volcanic perfume line that will hit the UK market this year.

Now that she has just launched a new gorgeous line of stack-style watches made from eco-friendly fish leather, it should come as no surprise that the watches are already sought after by the world´s biggest celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Sofia Vergara, who all have watches being shipped to them from the Icelandic brand as we speak.

Her perfumes, which are the only volcano and glacier perfumes in the world, are made to give the wearer inspiration and power from Nature. Many thousands of bottles have been sold around the world. She also organises Empowering Women retreats in exotic locations, as well as workshops in Iceland and soon in the UK.

“All of the products that I create have the same goal, to give the wearer that extra touch of confidence and empowerment. As I was born and raised in the magical energy of the Icelandic nature, I simply want people all over the world to be able to embrace themselves in that energy that inspires me and gives me so much power and empowerment every day,” continued Lilja.

This small nation has the strongest men in the world and is known for having the most beautiful women in the world. It is the smallest country ever to compete in the Euro tournament and just made the finals by kicking England out of the competition, so there must be something in the water there that we need to get our hands on. And, actually, Lilja is making that possible for us with her fragrances, which are made directly from Iceland’s most powerful glaciers and volcanoes.

“All of my perfumes are made from and named after one of the most powerful Icelandic glaciers or volcanos,” said Lilja. Well, who can forget the Icelandic glacier Eyjafjallajokull stopping the air traffic around the world in 2010. If he is strong enough to do that, the fragrance Eyjafjallajokull, which is made from the glacier, must be able to give us some piece of that power that is leading Iceland´s success.

You can find more about the Gydja Collection and shop on the website, which offers free shipping within the UK.

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