Entrepreneur Raashid Brown’s new book inspires self-discovery and finding purpose.

Brown will soon publish his new book, You are the Greatest Discovery. It has the all-important tools needed to find purpose in life and to function according to that purpose.

Dallas, TX, July 18th 2016: Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured.  God created each of us with a specific purpose.  Unfortunately, for many of us, our purpose in life has yet to be discovered—but not anymore!  Raashid K. Brown’s soon to be published book, You are the Greatest Discovery, inspires self-discovery and provides readers with the tools necessary to find their own purpose and place in life.  Brown encourages us to move toward living the life for which we were created. The new book will be released August 15, 2016.



“I am excited to announce the upcoming launch of my new book, You are the Greatest Discovery.  Some believe that the greatest discoveries known to man have already been found.  We may have come across some really extraordinary life-changing discoveries, but the greatest discovery is when we discover our own purpose in life and function according to it.  My new book explores the concept of self-discovery in-depth.  It also introduces readers to the necessary tools useful to finding purpose in life, cultivate our passion, and ultimately find our own place.”

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Brown wears several hats as a leader, business consultant, philanthropist, mentor, motivator and soon-to-be-published author.  The mission of Raashid K. Brown L.L.C. is to shine light in darkness and to transform broken lives to vibrancy through faith, love, empowerment, and service.  Brown’s vision is to lift spirits and restore vibrant life through community engagement, business ventures, books and service. 



“My book and business are meant to reach out to people who are just surviving, not yet living in their purpose.  At the age of 28, I have realized that my purpose in life is to help others discover their own purpose in life.  I will enable them to live the very live to which they’ve been called.  When we were created, God had a plan and purpose for each of us.  Sadly, many live life based on experiences, rather than living out the purpose for which they were created. Our God-given purpose must be followed and, more importantly, cultivated.  We have to consistently remain in healthy environments and atmospheres which fuel our passions, helping us discover our purpose.”

Brown is disappointed to find many in the younger generation blindly following latest trends while they could be trendsetters.  “So may are just existing and living a dull, routine life with no sense of their actual purpose in the world.  Everyone has a purpose.  We have to discover it and my book will help you find yours!”  

You are the Greatest Discovery will be available to purchase online at http://www.raashidbrown.com

The book will also be available for purchase online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Official release:  August 15, 2016.

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