The Necessary Outdoor Airwheel color intelligent helmet C5 Reassures Parents

As children of parents, no matter how old are they, parents always worry about them. For the risky outdoor events, most parents hold positive attitude unless their sons or daughters give a detailed explanation of safety equipment and emergency action. To understand parents and ensure self security, a helmet for outdoor activities is necessary.

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Airwheel intelligent helmet C5 is not the ordinary casque which is only hard enough to protect head, generally speaking, it is an advanced hi-tech product with multiple functions. Firstly, safety comes first, with the integrated technology, Airwheel helmet C5 shows excellent toughness and strength that ordinary ones lack, the safety of riders’ heads are ensured effectively.

Airwheel C5

It is known to everyone, answering phones or listening to music sometimes can be a risky behavior when riding vehicles, especially on rugged or rough mountain rack, for example, cannot ride stably when one hand hold phone or cannot hear warning whistle while listening music.

Airwheel C5

The developers of Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet take the overall consideration. There is a high quality Bluetooth speaker inserted in the helmet which can meet both demands of enjoying music and hearing the external sound. As for answering phones, riders just need to click the answer key and free both hands to ensure safe riding. There is a popular joke that people cannot live without WIFI, developers put Wi-Fi modules to enable it to connect to mobile phones and indoor network hot spot.

Airwheel C5

The outstanding design of Airwheel helmet C5 is must to be mentioned here – precise, exquisite and high quality lens design. That is to say, Airwheel C5 can record every moment of riders’ journey, after going back home, people can turn to past brilliant moments and provide an immersive experience to parents if they are not able to go there, to share excitement during the journey can yet be regarded as a good choice when getting along with parents.

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Spirit of adventure is encouraged, however, the safety of riders must be ensured, only with protective equipment and measures, people can enjoy themselves fully and set parents’ mind at rest. “If you consider to purchase a unique helmet, why not choose Airwheel smart helmet C5,” a loyal fan of Airwheel products said in the interview.

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