TigoCTM, the First Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Transaction Machine Franchise, Opens in Panama for Worldwide Sales

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA – 18 July, 2016 – TigoCTM (https://tigoctm.com) has opened the opportunity of bitcoin and cryptocurrency to entrepreneurs worldwide from their new Panama based franchise office. Bitcoin and Dash usage are exploding, but users lack methods of funding wallets, and then turning coins back into cash. TigoCTM’s end that problem. They’ve created a business opportunity for individuals looking to profit in this exploding industry, even if they don’t have technical skills, industry contacts, or cryptocurrency education.

Cindy Zimmerman, CEO of TigoCTM, purchased the first Panama-based CTM in 2015 because none existed. She says, “I knew there were no bitcoin CTM’s in Panama, but I needed to convert my bitcoin back into US Dollars, so I purchased my first machine. I didn’t think the market would be large, but I discovered because of Venezuela’s economic instability, the opportunity was exploding. When I realized how in demand these machines were, I investigated larger opportunities throughout the region.”

Bitcoin, dash, and other cryptocurrencies are popular because wire transfers are often impossible, and if not, require several days to process. Cryptocurrency transfers are instantaneous, and in countries with questionable currency values, like most economies during these volatile economic times, it can be better equipped to maintain its value.

For example, the bolivar has recently seen 100% year over year inflation; so even if bitcoin drops in value 30%, it’s still considerably more stable than some local fiat currencies. Over the past several years, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and dash have increased in value faster than gold, silver, and many other traditional “safe haven” assets.

Similar situations exist through Latin America and the world, but most locations lack an easy way to convert bitcoin into and out of cash. Unfortunately, until now, technical issues have blocked new business owners from taking advantage of this exploding opportunity. In addition, success in this industry requires network knowledge of other players in the field.

TigoCTM has created the world’s first franchise in this new field, by providing training, technical support, and a powerful network within the cryptocurrency field.

Now, for the first time, entrepreneurs can get in on the ground floor of this emerging market with no technical or bitcoin knowledge because they’ve made running the business is easier than setting up a vending machine route. Unlike vending machines requiring high-traffic areas, CTM clients seek machines out as soon as they learn about them, making placements easy. TigoCTM will also provide marketing assistance, making the process even simpler.

This brand new business opportunity offers:

• A large residual income with little upfront capital requirements.
• Easy to run all cash business, so you dont need experience or technical skills.
• Estimated return on investment in 3 – 9 months.
• Thousands of untapped, desperate locations so can create income right away.
• The ability to provide a critical service to thousands of unbanked individuals all over the world.
• Stay ahead of the curve with ongoing access and support for new cryptocurrencies and features.

Cindy says, “Many of my customers don’t trust the banking system, and even with banks, options for converting cash into bitcoin are limited. So CTM’s are the only choice for this stable, private means of commerce.” She then says, “Different CTM’s are available on the market, but they require industry contacts and extensive technical skill to use. So we’ve created this franchise opportunity, where we’ll handle the heavy lifting for you. All you’re required to do is source a location for the machine and pick up the cash.”

For more information on TigoCTM, Cindy Zimmerman, or press inquiries, visit https://tigoctm.com or email cindy@tigoctm.com

About TigoCTM:

TigoCTM is a full service Cryptocurrency Teller Machine (CTM) provider.  TigoCTM walks it’s customers through a simplified account setup at banking, exchange, and wallet partners, making it easy to start an operate this business.  TigoCTM creates, hosts and supports the backend server(s) for their customers’ machines for an easy technical set-up.  Cryptocurrency CTMs used to be the domain of technical geeks and were complex to use, run, and understand. But we created TigoCTM to allow any business owner who wants a ground floor, cash only, revenue-generating business to get started with no knowledge at all.

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