Credit Xtra offers 4 types of loans with quick approval process and instant cash

18 July, 2016 – Credit Xtra, the well known private money lender service in Singapore area has now announced that they provide 4 types of loans such as business loan, personal loan, secured loan and foreigner loan to help people overcome their financial crisis quickly by approving it at blazing speed through simple approval process.

During the recent press meet held at the headquarters, the official spokesperson for Credit Xtra said that they fully realize that each individual has a different financial need as emergency situations tend to occur all of a sudden. They have designed their loans in such a fashion that it caters to the monetary demands of the people to help them pass a rough patch in their lives and to get better financial control. They consider each customer with utmost importance and make sure they get a loan quickly to fulfil their long term dream or to cater to a financial crisis at home.

The spokesperson also added that they provide quick approval for the loan applications and make sure the applicants are given loans instantly as they care for their well being. They also maintain highly transparent processes as there are no hidden charges or costs to surprise the loan applicants later on. The team at Credit Xtra make sure that they interact with the applicants of loan first to make them well informed about the terms and conditions of availing a loan to ensure that the entire loan period is a smooth one for both. The spokesperson added that they do not force an individual to take up a loan from them as their team discusses with the applicants to help them think well before proceeding to apply for a loan as they must be able to repay it on right time. They also provide short term loans to remove the financial burden off their customers for a long time.

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The spokesperson of Credit Xtra also said that their loans are a great choice for people to stay equipped when facing an unexpected situation in personal life or on business front. When approving such loans, they make sure that the present financial condition or previous credit history does not prevent them from availing the loan. They also create a well thought-out repayment scheme based on the individual’s repayment capacity with monthly or bi-monthly repayment schemes. Also, they have easy process for loan application and quick paced approval process. The loan applicants are required to have only a few essential documents like age proof, statement of monthly income, ID card, 3 months’ pay slips and bank statement. Foreigners can also apply for foreign loans to get financial assistance while at Singapore.

About Credit Xtra:

Credit Xtra is a well known money lending firm in Singapore that offers various types of loans like business loan, personal loan, secured loan and foreigner loan to fulfil the needs of people. They follow easy loanapplicaytion process, instant approval process and make a PACT with their curstomers that makes them a distinct service provider.

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