Retired Police Officer Invents Super Strength Door Lock

The world is filled with risks, but your home should be a place of safety and security.  In an effort to better protect homeowners from criminals and violent threats, retired police officer Robert Dieguez developed the Strike Plate Lock. This innovative lock can be installed without drilling new holes or damaging your present doorway, and is able to withstand even the most determined forced entries. Very nice one thing, the Strike Plate Lock also secures the door when it is locked with the flip lock, the Strike Plate Lock is a flip lock ad and a door chain protecting home owners against lock picking and lock bumping, that is  where someone shaves a key down and places the key in the lock and taps it with a hammer.

The Strike Plate Lock is easy to install and works with almost any home door.  You may simply remove your present strike plate (the metal frame where the door knob’s bolt enters the door frame) and replace it with the single piece Strike Plate Lock.  Then to secure your door against unwanted entry, merely attach the high strength chain and Security Ring over the door knob.  The Strike Plate Lock can replace cumbersome deadbolts and door chains, and work on all types of doors, even those that are warped.  In a matter of minutes your home can be safe from violent attackers, rabid dogs or even runaway machinery.

The Strike Plate Lock is an ingenious new product that is sure to become a necessity for homeowners, renters and college students everywhere, but it is yet to go into mass production.  In order to secure the funds necessary to produce and effectively market the Strike Plate Lock, Robert Dieguez has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter with the goal of raising the needed $20,000 of seed money. If you contribute to this important, worthwhile project, you will receive various editions of the Strike Plate Lock including the bronze finish version or the black diamond finish limited edition.  For more information about the Strike Plate Lock or to make a financial pledge, please visit

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