Announcing Art Tour Europe – A Kenth Bender Transnational Art & Culture Event for 2016 and Beyond

Today, Fine Art Bender, a leading fine art hub, is pleased to announce Art Tour Europe, an exclusive transnational art and culture event for 2016 and beyond, even as it seeks support from visual arts lovers.

Inarguably, life is an art, and even the Mother Nature is full of naturally crafted artistic works and beautiful sceneries in every part of the earth. With a view to promoting art and culture all over Europe, Fine Art Bender, a fine art hub, now announces its upcoming Art Tour Europe for 2016 and beyond, and it seeks to revolutionize the world of contemporary art.

According to Kenth Bender, the Owner of Fine Art Bender and the Planner of Art Tour Europe, it’s been confirmed that visual art and culture vary from one European country to the other, though there might be some similarities. “Come 2016, I will embark on an art & culture tour that will cover a lot of European countries. This long trip is meant to unearth the hidden potential, the environmental effects and the relevance of arts to today’s world,” he notes.

Speaking on Art Tour Europe, he expresses optimism that the transnational art and culture journey will shed more light on the individual and collective cultural heritage of the whole of Europe such that artists and art-loving people would be able to reappraise the power of visual arts and paintings in today’s world. “One-on-one interviews with people, most especially artists, will unearth the general impressions we all have on arts and culture as regard how it affects Europe in the 21st century,” Kenth Bender stresses.

Art Tour Europe will feature interesting events such as visits to galleries and museums, the creation of original paintings, and the exhibition of original art works. “A daily, graphic blog post will be published on my work of art, events, experiences and impressions in each country. At the end of the tour, I hope to write a book on my experience,” he states.

It’s been reported as well that Fine Art Bender looks forward to receiving Cultural Sponsorship from stakeholders across Europe. “Art Tour Europe will be executed based on the support it gets from the media, gallerists, tourist guides, writers, artists, art collectors, including every-day people that would like to serve as Art Tour Europe (ATE) Ambassadors. Exclusive rewards will be given to as many people that will participate in Art Tour Europe publicity and promotions, or that will offer financial support through Crowdfunding,” he reveals.

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