Outdoor Movie HQ Release Their Flagship Store

A Home Theater Company Expands After 15 Years in the Business

After fifteen years of experience, expertise and efficiency in the business spent designing and installing home theaters, Outdoor Movies HQ has opened their flagship store in Charleston, West Virginia. The company’s intended goal is to provide their clients with a wide range of projectors and outdoors screens.

With technology rapidly changing, which results in its being more affordable and present than ever, the business of home theaters has ceased to be the sole playground of big companies and rich individuals. As the prices of TVs and projectors and projected equipment keep decreasing, opportunities for even people working on a budget grow. Today more than ever consumer electronics have become easily affordable and user-friendly. To ensure they are at the forefront of this market, Outdoor Movie HQ looks to reach out to people interested in setting up and operating a home theater and lend them a helping hand.

With their substantial inventory of projectors and outdoor screens, Outdoor Movie HQ aims to provide customers with a varied and easily accessible stock and kits for outdoor screening. Moreover, with years of experience in setting up and operating this equipment, the company will also provide invaluable insight and advice for those looking to start some such project.

“When you don’t have a drive-in theater nearby your options for an outdoor movie watching experience are severely limited,” says Max Schreiber, the man behind the idea, “Not to mention that most people don’t have houses with property large enough to host a drive-in theater and it’s unlikely that the neighbors will appreciate the noise.”

As it turns out, creating an outdoor theater is not as difficult as you might think, there are plenty of setups that you can choose from, “ he continues, claiming that creating an awesome backyard theater is both very easy to do, as well as extremely affordable. He states that their ultimate goal is “to help families across the world enjoy the magic of backyard theaters.”

The company will strive to help anyone interested in the home theater installation to find and set up their own personal cinemas.

About Outdoor Movie HQ

Outdoor Movie HQ is a company for the people by the people. Everything started with one man wishing to give his children the experience of visiting a drive-in cinema, enjoying the outdoors while still being pleasantly engaged for a couple of hours. This grew to gradually to setting up a site where other people interested in doing the same could find all the information they needed, and eventually, a place where they could indeed find every bit of equipment they needed. The company prides itself on this hands-on and almost personal approach, and seeks to further advance their communication with clients.

To learn more about the Outdoor Movie HQ, please feel free to visit: http://outdoormoviehq.com/

You could also visit at 1503 Byng Dr, Charleston, WV 25303, USA or call 1 304-343-4111.

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