The Giving Cycle™, a new start-up business that has a unique business model has begun its crowd funding campaign. The aim of the campaign is to use its new, self-sustaining business model to bring its vision of collective efforts; that of contributions, synergy, discounts and other helpful benefits to all its members. Memberships consist of individual members, member businesses, and member non-profit organizations. The long term plan of this organization is to help restore America’s middle class to a more fair and balanced state.

The organization is manned by Victory in Giving LLC, and allows its members to work together in bringing their vision to light. The organization’s program is set to feature the World’s 8th Business Model, “The Giving Cycle Business Model”. It’s a business which operates within a free market system, and it is a hub which will bring people, non-profits and businesses together in order to achieve its goals. The project is aimed at utilizing two universal laws with Judeo-Christian principles within a free market economy in a bid to restore America’s middle class.

The Giving Cycle is also aimed at enriching the three membership groups of their organization (individual members, businesses and non-profit organizations). By joining Victory in Giving, one automatically starts their own giving cycle. The Giving Cycle is not just a business, it is also a ministry. Individuals and families receive their own social profile membership page, set their privacy choices within their site, go shopping and receive CASH REBATES, discounts, and bonuses which the organization’s member businesses and/or other affiliated businesses provide.

The organization intends to also begin the building of a social safety net for its members, and offer many services. Many of these services will be free or at a low discounted group rate. Members can also be credited cash payments to their accounts when Victory in Giving sells any Product or Service to non-members. The organization desires to allow its members to enjoy their own self-interests within their site. For more information, please visit

Media Contact
Company Name: Victory In Giving, LLC
Contact Person: Nelson Parece
Email: ContactUs@TheGivingCycle.Org
Phone: +1855-397-3339
City: Fort Lauderdale
State: Florida
Country: United States