Can Anyone Profitably Invest In Real Estate By Themselves? Donald Trump’s Right Hand Man for 40 Years, George Ross, Answers

July, U.S – At a real estate summit held in Dallas, TX, you will find yourself alongside highly successful individuals in the real estate investment community. Among these individuals rubbing shoulders are people such as JT Foxx, the World’s #1 Wealth Coach, and George Ross, who was Donald Trump’s right hand man for over 40 years, Celebrity Apprentice judge, author of two books and considered to be one of the greatest negotiators in America.

Many people have been fascinated by real estate as an investment choice that tales of high profits and long term wealth. Just as many have dared to dream about taking that journey and even take the first step alone only to find the many facets to be overwhelming.  Senior Managing Partner of Market Equity Partners, Inc., Nick Messer, in an interview with George Ross,  Ross tries to answer the question. In quick response, George points out saying, “Anyone that jumps into the real estate without doing it with a professional – that is suicide.”

George Ross goes on to elaborate further, “Anyone that gets into the real estate business alone may just be lucky to make profits once. It can be complex. You have to know what you want- long range vs. short range investing- and you can only deal with an expert. More money has been lost in real estate than has been made.”

The number one reason people fail in real estate business is that they don’t really understand it. Real estate business, though highly profitable, is complex and dynamic. Individuals will always need an expert like Market Equity Partners, to steer them to success.

Market Equity Partners, Inc. bridges the gap for investors who want to invest in real estate but do not have the time and expertise. The company has a growing list of partners from a variety of backgrounds ranging from professionals such as doctors, attorneys,  and corporate executives, to fund managers, insurance companies, and retired individuals. 

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