RAVA Odor ELIMINATOR has been featured in Mr. Checkout What’s Hot Catalog for Direct-Store Delivery Distributors and Wagon-Jobbers Nationwide

RAVA is a “Use Everywhere” fabric safe product and safe around pets and children!
RAVA is a blend of quality ingredients, natural extracts, enzymes in multiple fragrances that help eliminate odor at it’s source.

USA GREEN LLC makes RAVA available to the retail market! 

RAVA was originally designed and produced as a concentrated enzyme based product for the rental car market to eliminate smoke and odor from car interiors 3 years now. RAVA’s proven effectiveness in removing smoke smell and other odors from car upholstery and carpet and the unique line of fragrances has created quite a demand for a retail version. 

Rental car customers have been inquiring about what the wonderful smell in their car was and where could they buy it for themselves! The requests continued to grow in number and a desire for a retail version became so insistent that USA GREEN LLC launched their 6 ounce retail size to the market and the reception has been phenomenal!

Acceptance by the retail public has been a universal success. The current five fragrance variety of Cherry, Vanilla, Green Tea and Ginger, Citrus Mint and Lavender has something for everyone and all age groups to enjoy! Families generally purchase multiple fragrances to use around the house as the parents like a particular fragrance and the children want another for their rooms. Pet owners love the fact they can use the product around their favorite 4 legged member of the family and reduce and eliminate pet odors without putting their pets at risk. Moms love it to eliminate the odor in their children’s smelly sneakers and gym bags and you can use it as a fabric freshener for those musty smelling bath towels and mats. Going camping? Take RAVA with you to get the campfire smoke out of your camp clothes and to freshen those sleeping bags! Sweaty clothes smelling a little sour? Just spray some RAVA on them! Musty hotel room? Spray RAVA on the floor, bedding, drapes and even walls and ceiling to remove the odor and make the room fresh again.

There is no end to what you can do with RAVA and we hear stories all the time from customers about all the different places they’ve been and the different ways they have used RAVA. From long haul truckers to world wide travelers, from drill sergeants and musty barracks to airplane interiors, from hotel rooms to dog shows and all places in between RAVA has been used everywhere! 

RAVA sells itself and if you try it you will continue to use it and love it.

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