President Obama Holds African Trade Summit – John Akhile’s “Unleash Africa” Has The Blueprint To Turn Dreams Into Reality For The African People

The Summit of African Leaders was a step in the right direction, but what is needed is a comprehensive plan that can be put into action now. The new book by John Akhile explains exactly what it will take to transform the African countries into financial powerhouses with maximum GNP.

MADISON, WISCONSIN, August 8, 2014, President Obama is to be congratulated for organizing the recent African Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C., but for it to be more than a photo-op, concrete steps must be taken to begin the transformation which means immediate improvements to the infrastructure of Africa. When the USA completed its interstate highway system, a plethora of states, cities and towns were positively affected. Commerce expanded throughout the country, and the same can happen in Africa. It would be a continent-wide effort, but the results would be an incredible boost to the economies of each country involved.

John Akhile’s recent blockbuster: “Unleashed: A New Paradigm of African Trade With The World”, is a comprehensive look into what it will take to transform the economies of the African countries, and he explains exactly how to accomplish this feat. John shows how it is possible to reduce the scourge of poverty through the utilizing of an export oriented industrialization strategy that will create jobs for hundreds of millions of African workers. The greatest challenge facing African countries is a dearth of resources with which to prosecute socio-economic aspirations. In “Unleashed”, John has proffered a pathway whereby African nations may overcome that challenge by engineering a self-funding transition from economies which are import dependent to export oriented, and which export raw materials to ones that convert those materials to value added export goods.

“Unleashed” will no doubt open the eyes of anyone interested in improving the lot of the lives of the African community. This ground-breaking literary work is more than one man’s dream, it is a veritable blueprint for success. “Unleashed” propounds that African countries should vacate the status-quo of waiting to see what the world is willing to let them do, instead striving aggressively to deploy the sum total of every competitive advantage at their disposal. In order to compete and wrest global market share in such things as: contract manufacturing and processing, consumer produce for export, manufacturing Western fashion, sports apparel and footwear for export, alcoholic beverages for export, global tourist travel, consumer agricultural products (such as potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, herbs and spices, sundry vegetables etc.),and services such as customer service processing centres, etc. This is where the future prosperity of African nations lie and every country from the smallest to the greatest can partake and prosper.

Reviews of “Unleashed” have been outstanding. Dr. Ron Dart, of the University of Fraser Valley, B.C., Canada, had this to say: “John Akhile has written well and wisely about the need for responsible captains on the ship of state to sail across the political waters in a safe and just manner. Do read this challenging book and weigh, judiciously, Akhile’s cogent and poignant arguments – the future of Africa hinges on hearing the insights of Akhile.”

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