Pre-Purchase Used Car Inspections Company Reports Dramatic Upsurge In Business

Portland, OR – PDX CarInspections are delighted to announce a dramatic increase in business. Significantly more people are making use of their services prior to investing in a used vehicle. While modern cars have improved in terms of reliability, there have been so many advances in recent years, that it is difficult for anyone but experts to assess the mechanical and electrical condition of a motor vehicle. When you are investing a lot of money in a vehicle it is simply good practice to have the car thoroughly inspected by an expert prior to purchase.

“Most modern vehicles today are controlled by a little computer within the engine known as the engine management system. This technology is fantastic but to be able to analyse it and fully understand it, you need the right equipment.” said Denise Elisabeth of PDX car inspections. The reality is that most people don’t have that equipment, and with the ever increasing cost of vehicles and repairs, more and more people are now deciding to have their vehicle checked before purchase, to give them piece of mind on such a large purchase. Our staff are all experts in the field, and will supply you with a totally unbiased and honest assessment of the vehicle.”

PDX Car Inspections is a used vehicle inspection company based in Portland Oregon. They have been in business for many years, and offer same day inspections within the area they cover. They don’t offer any mechanical work as that would be a conflict of interest, and so any customer can be totally confident in the independence and honesty of the report.

If you are looking to purchase a second hand vehicle put your mind at rest and book an inspection at their website

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Company Name: PDX Car Inspections
Contact Person: Denise Elisabeth
Phone: 971-258-0292
Address:6723 SE 16th Ave
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Country: United States