Performance Merchant Alliance Breaks Down the Need for Merchants to Evolve to EMV [CORRECTED]

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Despite looming legal liability, many American merchants have yet to switch to EMV card readers

Eight months after the EMV mandate went into effect, many merchants have yet to make the transition to EMV card readers. Credit card processing company Performance Merchant Alliance is offering insight into the necessity for merchants to evolve to EMV.

Some merchants, including small and large businesses alike, have wondered if the change to EMV technology is a true necessity. According to Performance Merchant Alliance, the answer is a resounding affirmative. “Safe and secure technology is at the forefront and importance for our merchants,” said the company. “All credit card transactions are secure through EMV – Europay, MasterCard, Visa.”

According to Performance Merchant Alliance, merchants need to switch to EMV as soon as possible to avoid potential legal liability. With the enactment of the EMV mandate, merchants who process fraudulent transactions are 100 percent liable for those costs. Banks are no longer liable for fraudulent transactions, according to Performance Merchant Alliance.

While the rollout of EMV in America was a slow moving one, more and more consumers and merchants are becoming aware of the benefits of the smart chip technology and the readers necessary to process transactions made with chipped cards. According to the team at Performance Merchant Alliance, transitioning to EMV card readers isn’t just a layer of protection against financial liability – it’s a gold star of customer service.

At the end of 2015, more than 167 million people across the country had shiny new smart chip cards in their hands or on the way, and now, those consumers are looking to trusted merchants to handle their transactions. Trusted merchants are those who use the latest credit card processing solutions to protect their customers’ security, says Performance Merchant Alliance.

Although the United States is one of the last major western countries to adopt cutting-edge EMV technology, the concept is clear – EMV is here to stay. Merchants will need to switch over at some point or risk being burned by the liability of fraudulent transactions, and that ruling is also here to stay.

Performance Merchant Alliance understands merchants are accustomed to familiar magnetic stripe cards and that the transition might be a bit of a shock. Even the way EMV terminals are used to process transactions is different from traditional card readers. Customers “dip” their card, leaving it in the reader until the transaction is processed. Retailers need to know how to use their new readers in order to best serve customers, and Performance Merchant Alliance is excited to work hand-in-hand with companies of all sizes who are ready to make the change.

The company provides a wide range of merchant solutions, including EMV technology, debit processing, mobile pay, Apple Pay, check readers, and more. All services are backed by Performance Merchant Alliance’s dedicated customer service team.

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