The #1 Rated Sleep Mask On Is Guaranteed To Deliver A Great Nights Rest

The health benefits of a good nights sleep are well documented. Without it, full functioning is at risk.

BRONX, NEW YORK, August 11, 2014, People who enjoy a solid nights sleep are able to function at a higher level than those who do not. There have been many clinical studies that bear this out. The risks to an individuals wellbeing from lack of sleep should not be underestimated. A marginal sleep loss will still be detrimental, as it will affect a person’s energy level, mood and how they cope with stressful situations. When a person sleeps, their brain is still busy at work making sure all bodily functions are performing correctly. Very often, it is the varying distractions that can keep a person awake, or prevent them from going into a deep sleep.

Thanks to Bedtime Bliss®, it is a lot easier to fall asleep, and stay asleep. They have released a Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs Combo that features a second-generation Sleep Mask. Bedtime Bliss® has appointed as their exclusive International Distributor. The secret is in the design, which permits eye movement while being very comfortable. A carrying case is included, and the product is ideal for both Men and Women.

There is a reason why this sleep mask is the #1 Rated Sleep Mask on Amazon. This is because of the way it blocks-out street lamps or the morning sun. It has a very high comfort level, and enables REM sleep and room to open the eyes. The company reports that it is the perfect solution to ensure that people get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. It also features Adjustable straps to fit all head sizes & won’t put pressure on the eyes. Best of all, it is backed by a Risk-Free 90-Day “Blissful Sleep” 100% Money-Back Guarantee. is offering their Sleep Mask & Ear Plug Combo at a special discount, and for a limited time, will include a Free eBook loaded with natural sleep tips. Customer Testimonials have been pouring in showing how much they loved their new sleep masks. Take a look at what John A. Delgado, a verified Amazon purchaser, had to say: “This product works as it is supposed to work and is very comfortable to wear. I highly recommend it for those times when you want to get a quick nap and block out excessive light.”

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