Mile High Mike Colin is a Multi-cultural Misfit

Zhitkur Roswell Recordings Mile High City, Colorado USA, MiKE COLiN “MultiCultural Misfit”
Mike Colin is the opposite of a commercially successful music artist. 
30 years after writing and recording the first of over 500 songs, there have been no hits, no record deals.

There is an international cult following. There has been a couple blips on radio.
There have been accolades from the press here and there, but most likely you’ve never heard of this mile high city native.
“I’m just not interested in much else. Songs and recordings are my favorite art forms. To me the stereo spectrum is a place that can be entered and explored as well as be enjoyed.”
“If you really love making music what’s the difference if it is popular or not?” 
“They say that something good doesn’t stay a secret for too long so I suppose I am just not that good but what I do contribute is song after song after song actually written from the heart.”
The latest, MultiCultural Misfit, releases 7.22.
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