Top 10 Tips to Prepare A Swimming Pool For the Summer In Safety Harbor, Florida

If you can’t wait to get your swimming pool stories started.
The smell of summer is already wonderfully seeping into the air, and what better way there is to enjoy summer than to frolic under the sun and splash some waters.

Here are 10 tips to get you started with the preparation.

1. Bring a Buddy

This tip isn’t too technical, but it sure is a lifesaver. So, bring someone with you who has previous experience in pool maintenance. If you can hire an expert, then the better it is. In Safety Harbor, Florida, Dog Days Pool may just be the buddy you’re looking for.

2. Buy Supplies and Tools

If it’s possible for you to purchase supplies and tools months before summer, do so. This way, you will be able to buy items at a lesser price since it’s not yet the peak season. Bring a checklist with you and include the following: chemicals (e.g. chlorine, shock, stabilizer, alkaline), vacuum hose and head, brush, test strips, and telescopic pole.

3. Always Have a Task list

Prepare a task list, complete with schedules, specific activities, and point persons. This prevents delays and ensures no pool-related task is missed out.

4. Emptying Your Pool is a Big No, No

Emptying your pool in high water table conditions can potentially lift the entire pool up from the ground, which is disastrous. Unless you have major structural changes, do not empty your pool. You may change waters simultaneously, but do not empty your pool to avoid weight problems.

5. Start Cleaning

Cleaning is the next viable step after assessing any structural needs. Install a complete filtration system including the use of chemicals. Empty the baskets, replace old filters, clean them and get them working.

6. Test the Waters

Check quality of your pool water, and always do it with an expert. This is to ensure accuracy in determining levels of alkalinity, pH, chlorine, and mineral content. Call Dog Days Pool if you’re in Safety Harbor, Florida. They’ve already been in clearwater pool services for almost 2 decades. They can do all these tests for you and give you tips to maintain water quality.

7. Keep those Filters Running

Preparing your pool for summer is not a one-time big-time effort. It is a process and so you better keep those filters in good condition to function properly every single day for a week or two.

8. Balance the Chemicals

Do not lift pool cover unless you are able to see clear water down to the bottom of your pool. In the process of filtering though, you may need to add in chlorine and other chemicals. Again, if you’re not knowledgeable, you should consult with a pro as to the right amount of chemicals to put in.

9. Vacuum Whatever is Left

You can use nets to remove debris such as fallen leaves or you can use a pool vacuum. The option is up to you. Do this task every day, as you never know what falls into your pool at night.

10. Maintenance is Key

Part of pool maintenance is checking for repairs, testing of chemicals, testing of water (monthly), cleaning of filters, and cleaning.

Because summer in Safety Harbor, Florida meant crowded pools all day everyday, it is highly recommended that you take extra measures in preventive maintenance. If you’re new to this whole thing, there’s always Dog Days Pool to assist you anytime you need them.

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