New Organization, Fair Existence, Seeks to Improve Lives and Unlock Macro Economies around the World by Creating a New Global Marketplace

Many of the billions of people living in remote and developing areas of the world possess unique talents which could provide a basis for a sustainable income.  What these skilled artisans need to become self-sufficient is a logistical system that would allow them to bring their unique goods like beads, clothes and jewelry to market and sell them to others around the globe.  Until now, such a system has never existed, but the Australian organization, Fair Existence is planning  such a logistical network right now.

Fair Existence intends to unlock these micro economies around the world by offering them a chance to participate in the global economy.  Even communities without access to the internet or traditional means of conveying goods may soon be able to sell their unique items to consumers in other regions of the world. Fair Existence is developing a fair trade system which allows these artisans to market their goods online, develop mercantile relationships with established trading companies and secure access to transportation systems.

This is a historic and immense project which could eventually reshape the world.  By offering  the craftsmen of these developing areas the opportunity to sell their goods to a global market it will improve the lives of their families and neighbors.  However, Fair Existence has not yet rolled out this new network because it still needs funds to help secure partnerships and logistical channels.  In order to raise the almost $50,000 needed to launch this new network, Fair Existence has started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  Financial pledges will be rewarded with T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and naming rights.  To learn more about this important project or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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Company Name: Fair Existence
Contact Person: Lukas Gentle
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