Pope Calling YouCat a “Youth Bible” Misleading for World Youth Day, Says Christian Author

1 Aug, 2016 – A Catholic website says the Bible is “Extremely Dangerous,” while showing youth on a beach reading the Catholic YouCat promoted by the pope as a “youth Bible.” That’s deceptive, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, a Christian author, who explains that it’s not a Bible at all, but a Catholic indoctrination that eliminates basic Bible teaching.

Ruhling offers the example of its altering the Ten Commandments that can be read in Exodus 20 in a Catholic translation as well as a King James Bible, but the catechism eliminates that 2nd Commandment and divides the 10th Commandment in two (maintaining ten) because the church is full of images.

They also changed the Sabbath of the 4th Commandment to Sunday when Constantine, a Roman Emperor and sun worshiper issued an edict in 321 AD to honor Sunday, but it has no Bible support. The book of Acts mentions the “first day” once, but “Sabbath” nine times and “every Sabbath” twice, according to Ruhling.

The Bible, including Catholic translations, forbids altering, adding or taking away from it, in the last words of Revelation, chapter 22. Those who follow such teachings are risking their destiny,  says Ruhling, claiming the pope worships Lucifer (original name for Satan and easy to find on YouTube.

Our world became a stage to show the principles of do-as-you-please lawlessness sponsored by the devil, or God’s fair system of self-government, the Ten Commandments.

Christ said His kingdom was not of this world, but that’s what the pope wanted when he signed a concordat with Hitler to make the world Catholic when Hitler won WWII. They lost, so the UN is now their strategy and it’s working, Ruhling says, noting that a UN-New World Order is the beast (government) that the church is riding in Revelation 17 where a harlot (impure church) has illicit relations with kings and governments and is easily recognized by the clues as spiritual Babylon.

The lawsuits for pedophilia and rampant homosexuality in the priesthood are red flag reasons for anyone to question their destiny in a system that cheapens the death of Christ by claiming to forgive sin for the payment of money, says Ruhling.

He acknowledges many sincere Catholic Christians do their best to live up to the light or truth they have, but if we prefer a man-made religion that accommodates everything, it’s the broad way that leads to destruction according to Christ’s Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 7. The end-times will offer us only two options: a broad way, and the narrow way that Christ said to follow.

Dr. Richard Ruhling is author of Alpha & Omega Bible Code that has mostly 5-star reviews on Amazon and his latest book, America Is Gone shows the forces controlling Washington. His Amazon webpage has three ebooks free August 3. http://amzn.to/1JTMjY9 allows readers to click the cover to see inside.

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