Philadelphia IV Therapy Has Gone Mobile

PHILADELPHIA, PA – 01 Aug, 2016 – IV Me MD is an exciting new concept: A Philadelphia medical practice entirely focused on the benefits of IV therapy, offering concierge service available to treat patients in the comfort of their home, office, hotel or at the Philadelphia wellness center.

Daniel Lebowitz, MD, owner of IV Me MD says, “IV vitamin and hydration therapy is a cutting edge modality that allows one to achieve much higher concentrations of powerful antioxidants and other vital substances in the bloodstream than can be achieved orally. Likewise, we can tank you up on fluids very quickly. It a great way to get you back on your feet, and back on your game.”

Only at these high concentrations are some of the most powerful wellness effects of IV nutrients unleashed.

IV Me MD’s IV cocktails are specifically designed to deliver this powerful infusion of wellness.

People who can benefit from vitamin iv therapy include: those with hangovers, headaches, exhaustion, jetlag, dehydration, the flu, athletes seeking faster recovery or a performance edge, and those looking for a healthy glow or anti-aging effects.

Additional benefits of an IV program can include: improved energy and metabolism, detoxification, improved immune function, reduced stress, and more.

People with many chronic conditions especially digestive problems and autoimmune disorders may also benefit from an IV program. Additionally, some cancer patients may benefit from IV therapy, especially with IV Vitamin C.

Featured IV’s include:

• IV Me (for hydration)

• Peak Performance (for mental and physical sharpness, energy and metabolism)

• Hangover Cure and Epic Hangover Cure (for hangovers and detox)

• Radiance (for beautiful skin glow and anti-aging)

• Immune Max (for colds and flu)

• Mega C (For immunity, chronic infections, cancer support)

• Injectable Wellness (for overall wellness, health maintenance) – Glutathione IV (for skin lightening and detox)

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