Publishes list of the Cheapest Sports Coupes to Insure in 2016

An online U.S. car insurance comparison site has published a list of the Cheapest Sports Coupes to insure for 2016 helping existing car owners find the cheapest insurance for their high-performance vehicles. The review also helps those thinking of purchasing a high-performance car to choose a sports coupe that is likely to have lower insurance premiums.

According to the owners of  sports coupes and high-performance vehicles command the highest insurance premiums, and publishing the list will help potential buyers of such cars get the ‘best of both worlds’ – getting that dream car whilst also getting the best possible deal on their insurance.

Among the cheapest sports coupes to insure in the list include the Mazda MX5 Miata Sport at $1,257 per month, the Chevrolet Camaro LS 2 door coupe at $1,415 and the Dodge Challenger SXT at $1,600.

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One of the factors mentioned by that affect auto insurance quotes is the type of vehicle. In addition, quotes can vary further according to the model, style (coupe or convertible) and the number of cylinders in the car’s engine. As a result, the site provides visitors with clickable drop down tables of premiums below each brand of the sports coupe.

For example, site visitors looking for insurance premiums quotes for a Ford Mustang can use the table to see how prices vary with different models. Using the table, visitors will discover that the premium price for an 8 cylinder Ford Mustang GT is as a high as $1,639 while insurance for a 4 cylinder Ford Mustang only costs $1,371.  A potential saving of 268 dollars.

The site’s owners are confident of the future popularity of as their online quotes tool will enable car owners to compare prices offered by several insurance companies in their local area in five minutes and avoid the time-consuming process of calling many local agents of insurance companies to get quotes.

Car Insurance Minimizer is an online auto insurance comparison site that offers car owners an online quotes tool, and guides on the cheapest insurance for a subcompact, compact, midsize, full-size, sports coupes, and hybrid cars. The site also provides a guide for insurance requirements in different states.

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