NYC fashion designer Tiffany Hill launches new website featuring exclusive Art-inspired style line Rising NYC.

fashion designer & artist Tiffany Hill has recently launched her clothing line called Tiffantasy. which boasts unique clothing & accessories, inspired by Hill’s own artwork and African American culture.

Beautiful paintings are the pride of any wall but won’t it be something uniquely amazing if there is the opportunity to flaunt great artworks as skirts or shirts? Certainly, YES, but is that really possible?  Well, rising NYC fashion designer Tiffany has recently launched her new website, which, for the first time ever, introduces an exclusive high fashion girly and fun clothing line inspired by artwork & paintings created by Tiffany herself. Currently Hill focuses on African American Culture. Thousands of men and women are loving her latest designs of her Kente Print Kimono Robes! Her designs speaks of unique clothing for women, found just nowhere else.

“I am excited and amazed how popular my Kente Print Kimono Robes have become. I am proud to bring something fun, vibrant, unique and girly into the fashion world! I always wanted to design African inspired clothing,” smiled Tiffany while announcing the launch of her new website. An artist by passion since her childhood, Tiffany had been a designer from the mere age of 11. Born to an artist mom, it was her mother who encouraged and helped her to advance her skills as a designer. Tiffany also mentioned of her grandmother who taught her to sew. Tiffany has further taken classes in dress & pattern making and she is a certified fashion designer now.  “I  have  always  wished  to  come  up  with  my  own  clothing  line, have  it  mass  produced  &  sell worldwide.

Tiffany’s designs mostly celebrate the exotic beauty of African-American lifestyle with impressions like the Egyptian ANKH, glam African beauties, The continent of Africa and so on. The majority of the items featured on the website are made in the USA and some are even hand-made by the artist-designer herself. She has further come up with a matching collection of her SUG painting, for confident young women.

“I believe it was time for a new trend, originality, something fun and full of color and life.  The very idea of wearing an art form instead of just hanging it on my wall, takes artworks more closely to people.”

If you would like to shop at Tiffantasy, her website is

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