How a Palm Beach, FL Based Tech Firm is Revolutionizing the Landscape of US Job Market, Post Unlimited Jobs For Free!

01 Aug, 2016 – Palm Beach, FL, United States – With the job market in constant flux and latest technological advancements, there has been a substantial change in the demand for given positions in the US., a Palm Beach, FL based tech firm specializes in identifying these new trends and helps talented job hunters find lucrative positions in some of the most reputed companies, the industry has to offer. has a comprehensive recruiting and job searching platform designed to pair top tier talent with dream positions. In other words, it is revolutionizing the US Job Market through targeted, streamlined, and effective job placement.

“With all of the technological capabilities available at our fingertips today, it seemed like a waste to not develop a singular platform dedicated to pooling together all of the job posters and job seekers in the upper echelon,” said Brian H. Robb, MSc, Founder of and Owner of Robb Capital, LLC. “Sifting through job boards for adequate recruitment at my firm proved to be an incredibly ineffective, time-wasting process. With, quality recruitment is easier and more sustainable than ever before.” works with a wide array of executives across all job industries to arrange the perfect placement every time. It is 100% free to post an unlimited amount of job openings to the consolidated job platform.

Additionally, a Live Recruiter is available for all users looking for additional assistance in the job posting, or job perusing, process. Beneficial for both job seekers and recruiters, provides invaluable insight otherwise unavailable anywhere else today.

“Think of all the time firms and job seekers will save by having everything out in the open and respectably posted in a timely manner,” said Robb. “Firms will save thousands by having access to their desired worker market in a matter of days. will ultimately make the US job market even more lucrative for all players.”

Top tier job hunters can search, find and apply for jobs directly on their mobile device or desktop. They are prompted to manage all of the jobs they have applied for from an organized, secure dashboard. Once a job seeker finds a match, they can easily apply via the convenient web form and even submit their previously uploaded resume to save time.

Interested executives and Job Seekers of the highest caliber can get started by signing up with the free, revolutionary platform today.

For more information, or to peruse the job openings and talent pool, visit:

About is a leading job board and executive search firm that secures personnel for top-tier companies nationwide. They work with a wide array of executives across all job industries to arrange the perfect placement every time, guaranteed. Moreover, it is always 100% free to post unlimited jobs to, and in the event someone needs some extra help with the recruitment process, their Live Recruiter is there to assist.

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