Scam Alert – Scammers Using Universal Funding Name to Get Personal Information

In recent weeks the headquarter office for Universal Funding Corporation, based in Spokane, WA has been receiving a number of emails, calls and inquiries from individuals who say have been contacted by a person representing themselves as affiliated with Universal Funding Corporation or a similar sounding organization. The individuals are usually contacted via mobile phone text, email, or Facebook Messenger.

The Facebook Messenger scam alerts the individual that their name appears on a winning list for receiving anywhere from $10,000 to $150,000. They are then instructed to provide personal information including address, marital status, occupations, gender, Phone number, email, monthly income, and age. Once the individual provides their personal information they are then told that in order to collect the winnings they must send anywhere from $200 to $1,500 to redeem the winnings.

Names, phone numbers, email addresses and mailing addresses associated with this scam include:

Lola Flores
Agent Richard Smith
Lesley Green
Agent Frank Walter
Joan Maire in Loxley, AL 36551
John H. Pendergrass Jr. in Nashville, NC 27856
Universal Funding Programme
Universal Funding Corporations

None of these names, phone numbers, company names, or email addresses are in any way affiliated with Universal Funding Corporation. This scam is not limited within the United States as one known victim was contacted in Australia.

One “Frank” provided Universal Funding’s website address for reference and the individual became suspicious as our website clearly caters to providing financing for businesses, not providing winnings to individual people.

In another scam the suspects are using the email handle which is not affiliated with Universal Funding Corporation. They were using the company name Universal Fund; however they are referencing Universal Funding’s mailing and street addresses in Spokane, WA. This scam requests even more personal items like passport numbers and bank accounts. Names related in this scam are Allam Murad, Bruce Thomson, Bruce Thompson, and Michael P. Melnick. This appears to be internationally based; scammers and victims are located outside of the United States. A victim became suspicious after names and phone numbers were not the same as what appears on the Universal Funding website.

Phone numbers and whatsapp accounts linked to this scam are +5154425590 and +448726140215

The factoring company Universal Funding does not engage in outbound tactics, people who need our services come to us, we do not engage in text messaging, Sykpe messengering, whatsapp or other social media messaging like Facebook Messenger.

This is a warning and a reminder not to provide any personal information to a stranger to redeem a monetary prize.

About Universal Funding:

Since 1998, Universal Funding has been creating personalized invoice factoring financing solutions by examining each business, the climate of their industry, and the strength of their customers. They are committed to their clients and are able to offer scalable factoring that grow as their business grows. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Universal Funding is one of the country’s premier factoring companies; financing for companies throughout the United States.

Universal Funding Corporation
Heather Burford, Marketing Manager
16201 East Indiana Avenue, Suite 2600
Spokane, WA 99216

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