Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Features Lancer Skincare’s New Skincare Product Line for Glowing, Youthful-Looking Skin

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Los Angeles, CA – August 2, 2016 — Lancer Skincare Founder and Dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer is featured on the award-winning, global TV show, Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®. The segment’s topic is tips and products to help keep skin healthy, glowing and youthful.

Lancer Skincare is a company that offers skin care products for people all over the world, including many celebrities such as Ryan Seacrest, Ellen DeGeneres and Kim Kardashian. The Lancer Method includes three powerful steps for glowing skin, all of which help speed cell turnover, support natural collagen and allow skin to absorb nutrients. Lancer Skincare was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California.

Lancer explains the current trends in skin care and how his company keeps up. He says, “The current trend is that the emphasis has shifted from plastic surgery to dermatology. Dermatology is now the first stop in terms of simplifying skincare and enhancement and repair of tissue. And so even in dermatology, it’s changed significantly in the last 10 years or so. Skincare/homecare that’s providing results is number one…before resorting to ‘procedures.’ If there’s a take-home message for any consumer: Always try to heal it first medically before jumping into a procedure. That’s the policy.”

JL Haber, Vice President of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, is delighted to feature Lancer Skincare. He says, “Because of Dr. Lancer’s three decades of dermatological practice and his innovative skin care product line, he is now known as the authority on radiant, youthful-looking skin all around the world. We feel truly honored to feature such a leading dermatologist as Dr. Lancer and his company, Lancer Skincare, on our show.”

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