New Cost-Effective Solution to Help Schools Improve Security Quickly and Easily

CHICAGO, IL – 02 Aug, 2016 – Apollo Communications announces the release of a new product called Anonymous Texting. Anonymous Texting is a new product by Apollo Communications, Inc. Anonymous Texting is designed to provide a safe way for students, guests, or faculty to report what they see and hear. Anonymous Texting is a bi-directional texting system that lets you correspond with senders while keeping anonymity intact. Anonymous Texting is an inexpensive way to improve security by being informed before you have to start asking the question: “What happened?”

• 8 in 10 students said they did not report something serious, because they did not want to get involved.

• 9 in 10 students said would be more willing to report something if they could do it anonymously.

Anonymous Texting is a cloud based system designed to provide schools and organizations with a very cost-effective security option. Anonymous Texting is a resource that enables students, staff, and others to anonymously report  important incidents. It lets individuals get involved without being involved. Time after time, anonymous tip lines have proven to be an effective way to fight a wide variety of issues, ranging from bullying to vandalism. You can’t go to a train station or an airport without hearing the phrase: “See something say something.”

What makes Anonymous Texting so unique is that it is more than just a tip line; it is bi-directional. It allows the individuals monitoring the tip line the ability to communicate with the sender, keeping both parties anonymous. If the tip does not contain enough information, the monitors can request additional information. Every message incoming and outgoing is recorded. Senders are represented by a random ID number.  The incoming messages can then be sent to a distribution list so multiple people can monitor the messages. In a school, for instance, incoming messages can be sent to the principal, assistant principal, and the security officer.

Anonymous Texting has several unique features like Spam Blocker and After-Hours messaging. Some kids may think it is fun to prank the system since they can remain anonymous, but Anonymous Texting lets you block individuals who prank the system. System Administrators can unblock users if they wish and send warning messages. After-Hours messaging can be engaged at any time. if it is engaged anytime someone sends in a tip they can get a custom message letting them know that nobody is actively monitoring the system at the time.

Anonymous Texting is cost effective. At $149.95  a year, which is far less than adding a security camera, the school can quickly add hundreds of eyes and ears to its security. There is no software to install, no equipment to buy, no to app to put on a phone, and it is compatible with all existing security systems, all you need to access it is a device connected to the internet, Laptop, Phone, Tablet. Most customers are up and running in just a matter of hours. Apollo provides you with business cards and posters with the tip phone number clearly printed for quick reference. 

Apollo Communications is located in Naperville, IL  and is a leader in designing and building messaging and communication systems. Apollo has extensive experience with VOIP, IVR, SMTP, SMS and ASP.Net Technology.

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