New Riveting Novella Reveals Mysterious Beginnings of Werewolf – Now in Audio!

New novella “Werewolf Origin” by Dr. Alex Cullison is raising storm all over with its never-heard-before riveting tale of the genesis of the first werewolf. The book is available in soft, printed and audio versions.

Fairfax, VA – August 2nd, 2016 – One of the most awed of all mythical creatures, werewolf has always inspired long debates and discussions but nobody could actually explain the origin of such a folkloric wonder – until now. Latest novella “Werewolf Origin” by Dr. Alex Cullison has finally got the ancient secret out through its riveting tale which explains the mysterious beginnings of the popular mythical creature.

The exciting book has been launched in printed, soft, digital and audio version and it is available from Amazon Kindle, iTunes, Barnes & Noble Nook, Smashwords, Audible & other similar websites.

“For ages people have always wondered about the genesis of the popular werewolf. We see them in movies, we have got stories about them and we revel at the half-man-half-wolf folklores but nowhere have we got to know about the origins of such mythical creatures. I am thrilled to announce, that for the first time ever, my new book ‘Werewolf Origin’ would reveal to you the much awaited secret of how the werewolf was first created. My recently launched book is now available in all media and I am confident it’s going to unfold an old yet new and never-heard-before world of mystery & excitement,” stated Dr. Cullison while announcing the official publication of his new book.

A world traveler by passion, Dr. Cullison is a veteran of the Air Force and later sailed as a US merchant marine engineer during the Vietnam War. Additionally, he has served in several roles as a contract negotiator, substitute teacher, mediator and arbitrator, college instructor as well as an author. He earned his Ph.D from Union Institute & University in 1997 and “Werewolf Origin” is his first fictional book.

The book owes its inspiration to the 1941 classic “The Wolf Man,” starring the famous Lon Chaney, Jr. The movie had Chaney being bit by a werewolf (Bella, the gypsy) while trying to save a girl. Though Lon was able to kill the wolf, the bite transforms him into a werewolf, and thus the genre started. But the movie didn’t reveal how Bela became the first wolf man. “Werewolf Origin” has been designed as a prequel to “The Wolf Man” where Dr. Cullison has revealed the mystery.

The story is based in 1851 Llanromney, Wales. The principal character of the novel is Dr. Paul Thomas, who runs his practice in a quaint village. Both a veterinarian & family physician, Dr. Thomas treats both animals & humans. Larene Lester is his young beautiful female assistant who has been by his side for years. There is town magistrate & law enforcement officer, Capt. Frederick Wellen, who is also the doctor’s best friend.

“The story will not only explain how the very first wolf-man was actually created; but, in fact, much more. It will sweep you into a riveting world of friendship, love and determination where you have a driven committed doctor trying hard to save his community from a nasty epidemic of rabies. He is joined by his strong independent nurse assistant and his loyal friend. Together with Dr, Thomas, Larene & Capt. Wellen, you are going to witness a true engaging experience.”

20 amazing graphic drawings illuminate the printed version of the new novella while the audio part has been masterfully narrated by 5 professional voiceover actors, bringing the story to life!

The book has earned rave reviews from several quarters.

“Werewolf Origin is a fascinating take on the origins of the classic wolf man tale! The concept of the story is creative, and the plot moves along quickly. Overall, this book is a very enjoyable read!” Stacy Davids, Ph.D., reviewer.

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