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Smart Video Metrics is a very useful software available to all video marketers around the world. Using an instant video conversion technology, it can exactly indicate how much money or profit your videos are producing. Most video marketers will just choose to buy the best video creation software in the market and make their videos with it, hoping that it will convert viewers into paying customers along the way.

Although there is no doubt that they will be able to create fantastic marketing videos using those softwares and maybe attract a couple of viewers who are interested in their product, the real question is, what happens after they have watched the video. Did the viewers like what they saw and decided to avail the product or service? Which of the videos are hitting the right spot and are turning into profit? Is the video marketer making the right video for the intended audiences? Those are the questions that Smart Video Metrics will answer, and many more.

Smart Video Metrics offers three plans to choose from depending on the needs of the video marketer. They can prefer either the personal, starter, or professional plan. The prices of each plan vary and they can be verified on their website.

The personal plan allows the user to track up to 5 videos per month, provides access to all the data of the videos, and access to YouTube video tracking. The starter plan has all the benefits of the personal plan, but adds the benefit of tracking up to 10 videos per month and access to the Geolocation data of conversion. The professional plan is the full version of the software. It has all the perks of the starter plan, but adds additional privileges to the user, which are allowing the user to track up to 25 videos per month, providing access to automatic video split testing and giving access to unlimited updates.

Smart Video Metrics will inform the marketers about the effectiveness of their video. The majority of them spend a lot of money on making the video without fully knowing its effectiveness or capability to drive sales. They are like shooting in the dark not sure whether they will hit the target or not. Using Smart Video Metrics will help them in making the right decision by providing them with accurate and reliable data. Having a specific direction on what works or not will let the video marketers save a considerable amount of money in producing their videos.

The software will let them know where the conversions are coming from. Marketers will be given a more detailed perspective on what is actually going on with their videos. Knowing the places where the videos are effective will be useful on their next move. Smart Video Metrics offers 100% satisfaction and members will be refunded if they are not satisfied with the software. 

The software is actually productive and beneficial, especially for new businessmen who are finding their place in a competitive market.

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