Tom Keller Amazes Music Fans with His New Chill Out Album “Sun Child”

The music industry has been riveted by the music of German musician and producer Tom Keller for many years, but the release of his upcoming “Sun Child” album should confirm his status as a rising star. “Sun Child” is Keller’s first album in the chill out genre, but it continues his proven track record of unforgettable lyrics, mesmerizing vocals and hypnotic instrumentals. Fans of Keller’s earlier works as well as electronica will love all ten tracks on “Sun Child”.

Tom Keller has an impressive array of musical hits including “In Deinem Kopf” and “Never Lost” that showcased his powerful and haunting vocals. His ability to create emotionally compelling songs have earned him the ardor of legions of fans from around the world. “Sun Child” may be his first album in the electronic music genre, but his new songs, including “Life is a Beach” which currently has its own video, but it is a natural step in his musical evolution.

“Sun Child” should be available to the public in September of 2016, but eager fans can get tracks from the CD through Tom Keller’s Kickstarter campaign. In addition to obtaining songs early, campaign backers will help Keller in producing artwork, videos and CD’s for this project. Other rewards for supporting this Kickstarter include song downloads, album downloads, and CD’s.

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