FootScientific release next generation elevate dropfoot braces

Unique, durable and fully Customizable drop foot braces, just a click away’

Draper, Utah – Adorning your foot with an exquisite brand of drop foot braces just got easier with the coming on board of FootScientific – makers of sophisticated, discreet, and more effective Elevate™ drop foot brace. At FootScientific, provision of a conducive client and manufacturer working condition throughout the crafting process in order to achieve a custom fit and a satisfactory experience for each individual client is of paramount importance. In the reach of most, FootScientific never relents to uphold its tenets of manufacturing quality, comfortable and durable drop foot braces. It still prides itself of possessing lots of unique designs no other foot braces manufacturer can rival. It is definitely worth every penny spent on purchasing it.

Made purely using a Specialized Elevate Drop Foot Brace Technology and with an Arches Specialty Orthotic Line available, FootScientific customizable drop foot braces is able to cater for all types of foot conditions and sizes. Such foot conditions could be as a result of Accessory Navicular Syndrome, Achilles Tear, Achilles Tendonitis, Ankle Arthritis, ankle Fracture, impingement, sprain or fatigue, athlete’s feet, bone spur, bunion, bunionette, charcot feet etc.

With lots of commendations on the quality of FootScientific’s elevate braces and in the words of one of such customers, Shelley Ahmet,“My fiancé saw this amazing Elevate Brace on your site and ordered one. I have had drop foot for several years with little support from my doctors. Since the brace has arrived and very fast delivery too, I have been able to walk with confidence and do the things I used to love doing. This brace is the most amazing breakthrough in Foot drop technology. I wish I had found it years ago, I honestly mean this. This device has changed my life for the better; it’s discrete and easy to use and is totally brilliant. I wish I could promote this product to anyone with Foot Drop; it really does change your life.”

More about Foot Scientific:

A major player in the drop foot braces industry and a certified company, fielding lots of years of experience, Foot Scientific guarantees value in services rendered. In order to churn out the best of foot braces, which would be comfortable, versatile and durable, FootScientific teamed up with renowned foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Robert Faux. Under his design and guidance, the Elevate™ Drop Foot Brace was created.

Loaded with an array of very experienced professionals in the manufacturing field, FootScientific is also enthusiastic about taking drop foot braces to the next level with its state-of-the-art materials.

For more information on how to place an order, Foot Scientific can also be connected with on its website, YouTube or Facebook. 

Better still, Foot Scientific can be reached on 12269 South Stephens View Circle.

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