Kickstarter Campaign for LumoPad, the First Luminescent Drawing Board

SETAUKET, NY – Everyone is used to drawing with traditional utensils like pencils and markers, but now you can draw with light! When drawing on the LumoPad you can leave glowing marks by simply shining light onto its surface. A Kickstarter campaign for the LumoPad has recently been launched to make it available for everyone.

LumoPad is made with a special phosphorescent covering which re-emits absorbed light over a few minutes. Users can use the provided UV LED, or any regular white light, to draw on the LumoPad. Since you use light to draw on the LumoPad, tons of new artistic elements are introduced by varying the angle of the light, the thickness of the lines, and the brightness.

LumoPad is the perfect technology for party entertainment. Its glowing images are truly eye-catchers, and its drawing incredibly fun, enabling it to be the life of a party, bringing people together. Absolutely everyone, from drawing amateurs to professionals, and from curious children to drunk adults, will fall in love with LumoPad.

“LumoPad will bring the dark to life,” says Nestor Tkachenko, founder of the LumoPad. “This simple but elegant drawing board provides a very unique and exciting experience to all its users. The Kickstarter campaign will help manufacture and put LumoPad on the Market as soon as possible.”

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