Wrong Fuel Angel Announces Innovative Service For Motorists Stuck In Bad Situations

UNITED KINGDOM – Wrong Fuel Angel is a new solution to a big problem.  They have just announced a new mobile service in the UK for the time that you find yourself realizing that you have put the wrong kind of fuel in your vehicle. Wrong Fuel Angel will come to you, no matter where you are in the UK and will fix this problem.

An astonishing 150,000 UK motorists make the same mistake every year; that’s one case of somebody putting petrol in a diesel car or diesel into a petrol car every four minutes! Don’tpanic, because the experts at Wrong Fuel Angel are there to help you in these unique situations.

Our engineer will start by draining the wrong fuel from your car’s fuel tank so that every drop or trace of the wrong fuel is completely removed. After removing the wrong fuel from the tank, our specialist will then move to other parts of the engine that might have been fed with the wrong fuel. They include injectors, fuel lines, fuel filter and fuel rail. The specialist will ensure that every drop of the wrong fuel is removed from those parts.

The specialist will then add a fuel additive to your car’s fuel tank and feed it with fresh fuel. Please note that your engine will require at least £10 worth of the right fuel to be able to start and run for an appropriate period of time. You can always request our team to bring for you any amount of the right fuel so that the rest of your journey is not interrupted by fuelling problems.

Once our specialist has verified that your car is now good to run, as usual, you can then continue to proceed with your journey.

For more information on this subject, you can visit Wrong Fuel Angel’s website at http://wrongfuel-angel.co.uk/

Media Contact
Company Name: Wrong Fuel Angel
Contact Person: Reza Mahnaei
Email: Wrongfuelangel@hotmail.com
Phone: 0333 012 6633
Address:58 Warbank Cres
City: Croydon
State: New Addington
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://wrongfuel-angel.co.uk/