NRS Launches Point-of-Sale Advertising Network

NEWARK, NJ – 03 Aug, 2016 – National Retail Solutions (NRS), a provider of point-of-sale (POS) terminal-based services for independent retailers nationwide, announced that it has launched a POS based advertising network- NRS Point of Sale+.

“Our ‘NRS Point of Sale+’ platform offers advertisers a powerful tool to reach Hispanic and other ethnic consumers directly. Through transactional data aggregation and analysis, we allow our customers to identify and understand market trends,” said NRS’s President, Elie Y. Katz.  “The heart of our platform is our national network of POS terminals – featuring high definition customer facing displays.  The terminals are located in the stores of independent retailers focused on serving their local ethnic populations, predominantly Hispanic communities.”  

The power of POS advertising has been well documented in academic studies.  For example, The Nielsen Research Firm reported that 4 out of 5 product brands experienced up to a 33% increase in additional sales due to POS advertising.  Another study has shown that POS advertising of discounts leads to a sale 69% of the time.  

The ‘NRS Point of Sale+’ terminals support two ad types: rolling ads occupying the full customer-facing display during periods when purchases are being made, and ads displayed during the sale transaction which cover ? of the screen, engaging customers at the optimal decision making moment.  The time of sale ads are expected to be especially powerful when combined with NRS’ ad intelligence system (currently in development) that will curate the advertisement based on the customer’s buying history and current purchase.  Rolling ads (based on 7 second increments) provide 6,000+ daily, 180,000+ monthly, and 2,000,000+ yearly impressions per store on average.  Ads on transaction provide 175+ daily, 5,000+ monthly and 60,000+ yearly impressions per store.

“Our rapidly growing screen ad network has been successfully deployed in almost 1,000 independent, neighborhood retailers where it is significantly increasing customer engagement and driving record sales,” Katz added.  “We expect to have close to 3,000 additional units deployed this year.”

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About National Retail Solutions:

National Retail Solutions (NRS), a division of IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT), is developing a nationwide POS network in independent retailers serving local ethnic communities.  NRS’ services include POS advertising campaigns and data analytics product that help advertisers and consumer brands to strengthen their presence and increase sales in ethnic communities.  NRS’ offerings for retailers help neighborhood independent retailers to manage their businesses and compete effectively with big box and chain retailers.  

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