MediNinja’s empathy philosophy made them enlist a new, affordable, and miniature personal amplifier to their existing collection of hearing aids!

03 Aug, 2016 – Marietta, GA, United States – MediNinja Hearing, an online hearing aid merchant, is pleased to announce the addition of EarCentric SMART Mini BTE – an ultra-modern, coin-sized hearing aid – to its online store. The device, supplied from the inventories of American manufacturer EarCentric, improves up to 95% of hearing loss, and at a low price too – saving users about 90% for the same technology found in most high-end personal amplifiers.

The development of the EarCentric SMART Mini BTE is indeed a welcome one, according to Christopher Schweitzer, Ph.D. Audiologist and hearing aid user. “There is a growing body of evidence that even mild hearing loss may have a negative impact on mental fitness and brain wellness, especially for older adults.  ‘Waiting’ to do something about the communication barriers that accompany most types of hearing impairment is increasingly understood as inadvisable.”

Dr. Schweitzer continued, “Low-cost hearing devices such as these EarCentric hearing aids provided by are a great option for many who are looking for an affordable reduction in the stress of everyday reception of significant sounds.” 

Performance and Portability

Regardless if patients are in a crowd, a meeting, at home, or driving, the intelligent 12-band digital sound processing core of the SMART duly identifies sound patterns in real-time, critically recognizing and amplifying the high-frequency sounds that are associated with human speech. The processing core, along with a 10-band-layered noise reduction system, eliminates unwanted background noise, thereby resolving around 95% of hearing loss.

It’s possible for patients to hear sound effortlessly during telephone conversations, thanks to the SMART’s telecoil (t-switch), which wirelessly streams sound from phone earpieces, as well as supported theaters and auditorium speakers.

Comfort, Price, and Availability

The lightweight and miniature design of this BTE hearing aid offers a secure and comfortable fit, easily sitting firm behind the ear so that passers-by hardly notice users wearing one, especially when the hair covers it.

The device’s price is a competitive point, giving users the same value provided by highly priced hearing aids with a price cut of up to 90%. The size-10 zinc-air battery powered BTE can be bought effortlessly at MediNinja Hearing – the online merchant whose sole goal is to bring high-quality healthcare products to people at affordable prices. ­­

About MediNinja Hearing

At MediNinja Hearing, top quality and affordability comes before anything else! Based and founded upon the idea of Affordable Excellence, the company is proud to make hearing devices affordable and accessible for those who cannot afford expensive and overpriced custom-fit hearing aids. By cutting out middlemen and sourcing straight from tier-one manufacturers, MediNinja sells low cost and FDA approved hearing aids, starting at $100, directly to its customers through and mail order (Toll Free: 1-844-888-3834). Their customer service team offers professional support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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