Author, Marlena Lewis, releases her book, Don’t Give Up

HUNTSVILLE, AL – 03 Aug, 2016 – We seldom ever think of anything going wrong in our lives when we are still so very young and vibrant. I was one of those people that were full of life and ambition. Until one day an event happened that changed my life forever. In my book I discuss all the challenges that I have endured that has really made me stronger and a much better person. You are not alone!

The book details my battle of Lyme disease 7 years ago. I was serving in the military when I was diagnosed. Shortly after, I was told I had chronic pain syndrome which is now called Fibromyalgia. There were days I wanted to just give up on life as the pain is sometimes unbearable. I reached down within and remembered my family values and spiritual life. From that hope I persevered because I never gave up.

Growing up on a farm in a small town outside of Selma, Al was the highlight of my life. My appreciation for life and wanting all of its success is what made me work really hard toward success. I am the tenth child out of thirteen kids but I was determined to be more than a number. I joined the military at age 21, 15 years later I retired.  Later, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and I have been faced with many other battles ever since. I have never forgotten my faith and trust in God. I have always been a fighter and I know now that this battle belongs to the Lord.

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