Local Used Car Inspection Company In Portland Helps Car Buyers Weed Out The Lemons

Portland, OR – Many people who purchase a used car have no choice but to trust the information handed to them by the seller, and many end up driving away with lemons. There’s nothing worse than purchasing a car, only to find out that it’s a lemon, or needs extensive repairs that often end up costing thousands of dollars. In 2011, PDX Autoworks was launched, giving Portland residents a new way to shop for used cars. The company performs full inspections of used vehicles before they are purchased so that wary car buyers can find peace of mind, knowing that they won’t be purchasing a lemon.

Coming from the business of selling used cars where it’s all about making a quick buck by cutting corners, the expert team behind PDX Autoworks is now out to teach their customers the tricks of the trade that will keep them from purchasing a vehicle in poor condition. Thanks to their background, PDX Autoworks has extensive experience in inspecting used vehicles in the Portland area, and can generally tell whether a vehicle has had extensive mechanical, body, or structural repairs rather quickly. Tired of watching unsuspecting customers purchase junk vehicles under less than honest conditions, PDX Autoworks is now enjoying helping their customers purchase safe, reliable, and good quality vehicles for their families.

Many used car buyers are less than savvy about what a car may or may not need at the time of purchase. And a lot of used car dealers are pros at making a vehicle appear to be in top condition, until it leaves the lot. PDX Autoworks takes the guesswork out of buying a used car, by offering their customers a full inspection before purchase. The company inspects each car to their top standards, including an engine compartment check, an under the vehicle check, and a battery and OBD scanning. All of the inspection work from PDX Autoworks is undertaken by ASE certified technicians, who are unbiased and have no affiliation to a used car dealership or seller. This ensures that each inspection is done honestly, allowing for complete transparency in the results.

“I purchased my first used car about 6 years ago, and was outraged 6 months later when the repair bills started filing in,” recalls Dylan Fischer, a previous lemon owner. “After years dealing with the same recurring problems from previous damage to the car, which I was unaware of at the time of purchase, I finally threw in the towel and decided to buy a new car. While scouring the internet for used vehicles that I could trust, I came across PDXAutoworks.com, where they offered an affordable full inspection of used cars before purchasing. I thought that I would never consider buying a used car again, until I met the honest and friendly team of PDX Autoworks.”

PDX Autoworks is a Portland based company that provides buyers a Pre-Purchase car inspections before purchase of the vehicle. This expert service is done to help car buyers spot problems and potential issues that could end up costing them thousands of dollars down the road, but often aren’t listed by the vehicle seller. Portland residents can now have peace of mind in their used car buying experience, thanks to the full service inspection offered by PDX Autoworks, helping Portland to weed out the lemons.

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