Local Portland Company Provides Pre-Purchase Mobile Inspection Service For Used Vehicles

Portland, OR – Buying a used car can be a risky job for someone who doesn’t know what to look for. Many used car sellers muss the details of a car’s history, or leave out important engine, body, or structural work that has been performed on the vehicle. In order to ensure that Portland residents get the most value out of their used car purchases, Portland Motor Cars provides customers with the option to undergo a pre-purchase inspection of their potential vehicle, allowing them to find previous repair and service, or missing maintenance history that could affect the decision to make a purchase.

Portland Motor Cars takes the guesswork out of buying a used car. Whether a customer is looking to purchase a car from a private party or a dealership, the company will meet them at their location to perform a full-point inspection of the vehicle in question. While being 100% transparent in a sale is often not in the seller’s best interest, it is in the best interest of the buyer, and so Portland Motor Cars has made it their top concern. From the engine and transmission to external body damage, an experienced technician from Portland Motor Cars will perform a full inspection designed to dredge up any existing conditions or previously unlisted work that the vehicle has undergone. With this full service, customers are able to go into a used car sale with confidence that they won’t be wasting their money on a lemon.

Through PortlandMotorCars.com, Portland residents looking to purchase a used vehicle can schedule an appointment, or read through a list of the services performed during the company’s full inspection process. The company website is designed with the same values as the services it outlines: complete honesty and transparency. Portland Motor Cars has years of experience dealing with used vehicles, and can often spot potential problems or unlisted prior work in a small amount of time. While many used cars are kept well and regularly serviced, a pre-purchase inspection may still unveil issues that could lower the initial price of the vehicle.

“We have tailored our car inspections to provide the car buyer with the most thorough understanding of the vehicle’s condition, wear, and current usage per our specific guidelines,” explains Jason David, a spokesman for the company. “Our car inspections are unbiased and honest, which goes a long way towards building trusting relationships with our customers. Are full inspection service checks all of the major areas of the vehicle, as well as a lot of the minor ones in order to ensure that each used car is safe and reliable. Rather than making a quick buck by cutting corners like a lot of used car sellers do, we just want to make sure that each of our customers is purchasing a safe and reliable vehicle for their family, that won’t end up costing thousands of dollars in additional work.”

Portland Motor Cars provides local used car buyers with the peace of mind they need when buying a vehicle. From unlisted or missing service reports to hidden damages, Portland Motor Cars prides themselves on their honest and transparent service that helps keep used car buyers from making a purchase that they’ll soon regret.

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