Tree Surgeons Create Customized Packages to Solve Problems Caused by Storms

Horsham, West Sussex – A local company that provides tree removal services has created new customized packages to solve problems caused by storms. The company, Horsham Tree Surgeons, created the products following the work of a storm that descended upon South East of England in March this year. The storm caused such devastation that residents were left reeling from the effects. It uprooted trees and damaged fences around South East England.

Brad Wilson, who is part of the team that manages this group of tree surgeons in Horsham, West Sussex said, “The local population suffers whenever storms hit this part of the United Kingdom.” He stressed his point by saying, “Storm Katie caused a lot of damage in March this year. We couldn’t do much until after the storm subsided. We saw a lot of anguish on the face of the local residents, which prompted us to come up with customized packages to address each customer’s needs.”

Fences and trees were the worst affected by Storm Katie. The strong winds seemed to pay close attention to beech trees, which they were determined to destroy. Fruit trees, birch, ash and oak were not spared either. In the midst of all this mayhem, Horsham Tree Surgeons saw a need on the faces of each resident and business owner in the region. The arborist then opted to create different packages to meet each need of every resident affected by the storm.

Tree removal experts are abundant in West Sussex. This gives residents several options to choose from depending on their needs and budget. A good tree surgeon, nevertheless, doesn’t provide a one-size-fits-all solution to such a problem. As one of the leading tree removers in the region, Horsham Tree Surgeons opted for an approach that’s both unique and novel in addressing a problem that keeps affecting the locals almost each year.

The goal of the packages is to help residents find some guarantee that their lives can go back to normal after a storm. Normally, insurance companies cover damages to buildings due to falling trees. However, many times the insurance firms leave residents to meet the cost of repairing damages caused to fences, gates and landscaping after each storm. The packages the company created help residents who feel a heavy burden trying to repair landscaping, gates and fences.

As part of each customized package, local residents can look forward to a regular inspection of the trees near their properties. After inspection, the company’s tree removers restore the trees back to good condition to minimize the risks associated with uprooted roots or trees and falling branches or twigs.

You can contact the tree surgeon Horsham for more information on these packages through email, phone call or letter.

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