TMJ Specialist Refunds Patients Who Don’t Find Relief after the First Treatment in Full

Los Angeles, CA – A TMJ specialist has offered to refund all his patients who continue complaining about lack of relief despite going through the first treatment successfully. This is unheard of considering that many patients never receive compensation despite going treatment from the same TMJ doctor or medical institution multiple times without any hint of improvement or recovery.

The TMJ specialist, Dr. Bob Perkins, had this to say about the decision to offer full refunds to patients, “I have always believed that the basis of providing my services is to help patients.”  He continued by saying, “I felt bad when some patients continued crying that the treatment hadn’t worked. Therefore, I offered to refund them the full amount paid for TMJ treatment. I’m glad that the treatment works well, and nobody has claimed a refund thus far.”

TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint. TMJ is a group of disorders that affect this joint, thus making it difficult for the patient to enjoy normal activities. The disorders are renowned for causing pain within the jaw joint. Furthermore, they also make the jaw joint to malfunction. The muscles that control the movement of the jaw also suffer pain once the disorder rears its ugly head. It’s common for the disorder to cause the muscles to dysfunction.

It’s good to see a doctor who’s willing to back his claims and expertise. Dr. Perkins has shown that he has complete trust in his work. He promises patients total relief after the first treatment. Patients who complain of earache, tenderness and pain on the face are eligible for the services that he provides. Patients whose symptoms include trouble chewing anything, poor posture, troubled sleep, toothaches, migraines and severe headaches can sign for this TMJ treatment too.

TMJ causes include tooth poisoning, physical trauma, genetic patterns that affect the growth and development of the jaw as well as arthritis. TMJ can trigger other health conditions to arise all over the body, thus leading to poor quality of life. The common TMJ treatment includes medications such as pain relievers, muscle relaxants and tricyclic antidepressants. Physical therapy, mouth guards and counseling also helps. Surgery and alternative medicine is also good.

Dr. Perkins prefers the sort of treatment that exempts patients from wearing mouth guards. Get in touch with the TMJ specialist through the phone to book an appointment. You could also learn more from him about the treatment by sending an email. He provides the most effective TMJ therapy Los Angeles services, which you should take advantage of now that a full refund is available in case the treatment isn’t effective.

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