Syoptek manufactures and supplies fiber optic network products

Syoptek is a Hong Kong based corporation that has been exclusively dedicated to manufacturing premium grade of passive components used in fiber optic systems and networks.

It is now an established fact that modern-day telecommunication networks, internet/broadband service networks, and mobile telephony networks use optical fiber cables for transmitting electrical or electromagnetic signals. Optical fibers are more efficient than copper wire in instantaneously conveying signals from one point to another in comparison to copper wires. Additionally, fiber optic networks need minimal maintenance and remain serviceable for a long period of time. However, in order for a fiber optic network to function smoothly and effectively, it is very essential to use superlative grade of components. In order to keep a fiber optic system up and running, the service provider should use premium quality of fiber optic switch, optical isolator, optical circulator, variable optic attenuator, fusion splicer, fiber cleaver, and optical power meter to name a few components.

Syoptek is a renowned outfit headquartered in Hong Kong that has solely devoted itself to designing and producing an extensive range of fiber optic network solutions comprising passive components, fiber optic cleaning products, fiber optic tools, fiber optic testers, and fiber optic tool kits. The conglomerate has two factories or production units in China, one in Xiamen and the other in Shenzhen. The staff in Xiamen factory comprising 30 employees specializes in R&D as well as fabrication of fiber optic testers, and fiber optic cleaning equipment; provide cleaning, testing, installation and wrapping up or termination services; design, manufacture and assemble component of different fiber optic tools. The factory in Shenzhen employs 130 qualified professionals who’re engaged in the manufacture of high grade passive components including but not limited to optical isolator, optical circulator, CWDM, and in-line VOA.

Syoptek manufactures and supplies fiber optic network products

The Shenzhen unit also specializes in carrying out high-level R&D, has in place a stringent manufacturing process backed by strict quality control mechanism, and uses the best quality of testing equipment. This factory produces fiber optic switches, DWDM, FWDM, connectors, and optical products required for the maintenance of polarization. The fiber optic cleaning and inspection kits come in perfectly handy for thorough cleansing of the entire fiber optic network as well as for conducting on-the-spot examination to check out whether everything is functioning according to expectations. The fiber optic cleaning products manufactured by Syoptek includes Smart Cleaner MPO, NEOCLEAN R-2 optical connector cleaner, one-click cleaner, NEOCLEAN N-1 optical connector cleaner, replacement reel for NEOCLEAN-N optical connector cleaner, and FIP-800-D fiber optic cleaning/inspection kit.

Syoptek supplies a complete range of fiber optic switches that are manufactured by harnessing the highly sophisticated ‘optoelectronic integrated technology’. These mechanical optical switches retain their operational efficiency even during variations in polarization or change of wavelengths. The switches are perfect for operating fiber optic networks that support a broad bandwidth.

About Syoptek

Syoptek founded in 2005 on 8th June has emerged as a prime producer of a range of fiber optic network solutions including passive components, fiber optic cleaning products, and fiber optic tool kits.

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