Ation labs launches the world’s first selfie case, ‘aCase’ for iPhone

Ation labs has announced the launch of the world’s first selfie case named ‘aCase’ for iPhone 6/6 plus and iPhone 6S/6S plus. The innovative case can be attached to the iPhone as a case and works as a high-quality selfie camera, capable of recording up to 4K videos and 13 MP pictures. Apart from that, the case also features extendable memory storage option of up to 128 GB along with wireless charging option. It comes with extra lenses and flashes enhancer for unmatched picture quality.

With the increasing trend of clicking pictures through mobile and taking ‘selfies’, many users were feeling the need of a high-quality front camera considering which, Ation labs has developed the ‘aCase’. The selfie case is capable of taking better quality selfies as compared to the iPhone’s front camera. The additional internal storage space with the selfie case also comes to use when there is lesser space left on the phone or memory card. Moreover, this selfie case also comes with the flash option for front pictures which is not present in most of the smartphones.

aCase has been launched on IndieGoGobeing available for pre-order by the backers of the project. The unique and innovative 13MP frontal camera allow the user to take high-quality pictures in daylight or at night. The powerful processor enables the user to record high-quality videos in real time. The selfie case also doesn’t cause any buzzing sound as the advanced stereo microphone allows the user to take buzz free 4K videos.

Ation Laabs has put special emphasis on simplifying the design of the aCase for ease of use. It comes with a single button at the back for all the options which means by tapping once, they can take photos and by tapping it twice they can start recording the video. By tapping it one more time, the user can stop the recording while the camera settings can be controlled by the app by Ation labs. The add-on lens and flash enhancer can be used to click flawless pictures at night or anywhere with a lesser light.

The secret behind aCase’s remarkable features is the advanced technology of Purecel, image sensor and array size of 4224×3136. aCase is designed to perfectly fit the iPhone, without adding much weight to it. The selfie case will be available in 5 colors including grey, white, green, pink  and blue. The backers are  able to pre-order the product from IndieGoGo by pledging for various perks and rewards.

More information about the aCase is available at

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