How One Blog About Survivalism Saves Lives

A budding blog, Survivalism Supplies, is able to help the ‘average Joe’ survive with professional tips and innovative gadgets.

August 8, 2016 – After watching any amount of news anyone would ceed disaster is becoming more inevitable and more devastating. In fact, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts as many as sixteen upcoming hurricanes in the remainder of 2016 alone. In turn, Survivalism Supplies was started to help prepare the public for any disaster. The site itself features posts from elite survivalists as well as little known tools designed to defend.

Survivalism Supplies shows a certain down-to-earth aura with their posts. For example, an article written by the owner of the site helps outline the correct way to respond in a blackout. To a novice this seems of little importance but a simple blackout can be devastating. Blackouts kill traffic lights, destroy perishable food, and prevent hospitals from operating. The result is absolute havoc. To prepare for this the author recommends an onsite backup generator.

This solution may seem simple but the amount of work to ensure the generator is installed properly and able to function can be a headache and requires enormous preparation: gasoline for the generator, proper electrical extension cords, and most importantly a ventilation system for the exhaust. All of this advice is detailed in just one post. This level of depth is what readers will come to expect and appreciate when visiting Survivalism Supplies.

About Survivalism Supplies

Survivalism Supplies was founded with the public in mind and is an official Amazon and Ebay affiliate. The reason for this partnership is so Survivalism Supplies can bring readers the largest variety of survival gear with the best value. Visitors can expect to find everything from classic pocket knives to a flashlight that doubles as a stun gun. Other products include a cane with a surprise in the tip and expert-grade survival guides. Users will be amazed with the sheer variety and innovation.

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