New Innovative Fintech app Piggy the Bank Makes Big-Ticket Shopping Easy & Debt-Free

New innovative fintech app Piggy the Bank has just launched to make big-ticket shopping, easier, cheaper and debt-free by breaking down big purchases into smaller manageable payments and then connecting users with businesses prepared to offer the best possible deals.

Toronto, Canada, August 8th 2016: With the credit card debts running high today and the woes of living paycheck to paycheck, shopping big-ticket items can get really taxing for many. No wonder, average consumers always end up feeling guilty whenever they purchase the latest smartphone model. But not anymore- new innovative app Piggy the Bank has just been launched to make big-ticket shopping, easier, cheaper and debt-free.

Developed by a Toronto-based fintech startup, Piggy the Bank, the app works to break down big purchases into some smaller weekly payments. It helps the shopper to buy high-end items such as plush furniture, appliances or edgy tech models without the interest payments or personal fees that are evident to come from credit cards and bank accounts.

“Why should you have to feel guilty unnecessarily for spending money you don’t have when you can actually enjoy spending money that you have saved up?” It’s this very question that drove the evolution of Piggy the Bank which aims to make saving for major purchases easier – by connecting shoppers with businesses who are ready to extend best deals to them.

“We all have this right to live the life we want and credit cards are no doubt a handy help here. Yes, you have instant benefits but it’s the sky-high rate of card interest & fees that spoil the sport. We need to find a compatible means to plan & save- which will also help us to bypass the quicksand of personal debt”, stated Andy Garcia, co-founder and Creative Lead of Piggy the Bank.

The app creates a real-time innovative marketplace for buyers & sellers. The buyers plan purchases by scheduling savings goals meant for particular items. Piggy the Bank then connects the buyers to sellers offering over 80,000+ items in real-time, including branded electronics, appliances, and furniture. The app also assures rewards & cashback.

“Banks are excellent when you want to save for your dream house yet they aren’t exactly geared towards multi smaller accounts”, remarked Ryan Silver, co-founder and Technical Lead of Piggy the Bank.

“The existing finance apps help in saving & goal planning steps but that’s where they just stop. Piggy the Bank helps you with goal planning but also bridges the blank gap between one’s savings & future purchases. When one starts savings towards his or her goal, we will match him/her with compatible retailers extending his/her desired items. It leads to the ultimate shopper’s market and is aimed to reimagine shopping, the smarter way. ”

The app also presents an amazing business opportunity for the local and large-scale retailers through its extensive database – bustling with insights about shopping habits & future spending goals of their target audience.

“Our goal is to help people plan and save their hard earned money for all of their life’s milestones and help businesses reach and engage with consumers through our new digital marketplace.”

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